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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a modern way to safeguard apps and services for both in-office and remote users. It integrates technologies and services to provide remote users with secure access to internal applications.

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In a traditional "castle and moat" cybersecurity approach, businesses rely on physical security measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks. This includes installing strict firewall rules and antivirus software, as well as ensuring that all computer systems are patched regularly.

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Difference between Traditional Security and ZTNA

To better understand the difference, consider the following scenario: you are attending a conference at a hotel.

Traditional security Zero trust network access
When you initially arrive at the reception desk, the front office associate issues you a “generic visitor" pass. When you arrive at the reception desk, you are issued a "visitor" pass unique to you.
Using your "generic pass," you get entrance to your room to freshen up. But that's not all; the permit also grants you access to various conference rooms, lounges, and restaurants where you can freely chat with anybody you choose. You are only permitted to use certain rooms or services. As a guest, this isn't much.
You may even go to locations you are not permitted to go to since you have unfettered access. The only thing that can stop you is being caught by a security guard for unauthorised entry.

Since you have restricted access, doors will only open where you are authorised to be.

Furthermore, even after accessing accessible rooms, you will be limited to the services designated for you.

Hackers with full access to the network elements can move freely and unnoticed across the internal systems. ZTNA can limit user access to specific applications or resources. For example, a company might allow employees to access their productivity tools but prohibit them from accessing corporate files or the internet. Every connection request is carefully scrutinised before it is granted.


VPN architectures are time-consuming and inefficient in cloud-first deployments. Also, software and hardware-intensive VPNs can increase the overall capital expenditure and bandwidth costs. ZTNA provides quick, direct-to-cloud access to corporate resources, which lowers network complexity and cost while significantly boosting performance.


With typical mergers & acquisitions, integration can be time-consuming and often complex as organisations combine their networks and deal with overlapping IPs. ZTNA can be used to accelerate M&A integration by streamlining communication and time, thus providing immediate value to the business.


Cloud-based applications are increasingly accessed through multiple devices simultaneously. Many organisations are beginning their ZTNA journey by securing hybrid and multi-cloud access.


ZTNA for the Workforce

This pillar focuses on ensuring that users and devices can be trusted when accessing systems regardless of location.


ZTNA for Workloads

This pillar is dedicated towards safeguarding applications from unauthorised access no matter where they are hosted.

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This directive includes mapping all systems, applications and resources that users may need to access from a remote location.

After establishing the criteria for granting access, our cyber experts use it to determine who is allowed to access which resources.

We track and analyse all remote user access attempts to resources, ensuring that implemented regulations meet business requirements.

If necessary, our experts can work with administrators to make changes to the configuration of systems and resources. We adjust access credentials as needed to ensure optimal productivity while minimising risk and exposure.


Our ZTNA solutions are reliable and efficient. We guarantee the following:

  • MCSL

    Improved risk mitigation by fixing security vulnerabilities and managing lateral network flow.

  • MCSL

    Enhanced cybersecurity and assistance for mobile and remote employees

  • MCSL

    Robust application and data protection, whether cloud or in an on-premises data centre.

  • MCSL

    Protection against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and sophisticated data threats.

  • MCSL

    Customised security solutions tailored to your needs.

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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