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In the lingering war against sophisticated cyber attackers, the defence and cybersecurity system of the enterprise is its shield and ammunition. To transition to the winning side of this war, you’ll need a robust set of tools and services in your arsenal.

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A web application firewall, WAF, is designed to monitor, filter, and block traffic or data packets as they travel between your web application, application programming interfaces (API) and the internet.

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It does this by analysing each HTTP request at that layer. In essence, attacks against web applications like JavaScript or Ajax, which could be undetected by some intrusion detection systems, are checkmated and blocked with the presence of Microminder’s web application firewall.

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A cloud-based web application firewall could be fully managed as a service, auto-provisioned or self-managed, giving you more control. Cloud-based WAFs are relatively easy to deploy and require fewer resources for implementation and management. This deployment mode secures web content and applications across a broad range of hosting locations while using policies to block application layer attacks via threat intelligence.

A web application firewall deployed on-premises could be done virtually or by a hardware appliance. An on-premises WAF satisfies organisations where flexibility, advanced security and performance are priorities. Such web app firewalls could be network-based, which uses a dedicated appliance, or host-based, which uses application libraries.


More reasons why your modern enterprise needs Micromidner’s Web Application Firewalls include:



Web application firewalls are at the frontline of defence against the OSWAP Top 10, which features everything from injection attacks to broken authentication, and cross-site scripting (XSS) down to insecure deserialisation. These firewalls secure the organisation’s backend-stored sensitive data that malicious traffic can access through web applications.

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Microminder’s web application firewall is a next-generation firewall. This means that it doesn’t solely apply to the application layer as it monitors and blocks malicious traffic from the site to the internet. This next-gen firewall also monitors traffic across websites, SaaS, and email accounts while offering zero-trust network access and advanced DDoS protection. In essence, with Microminder’s next-gen WAF, you get not only a firewall that protects your organisation’s web applications but one that equally protects the user.


While traditional web application firewalls require manual reconfiguration or policy updates to tackle emerging vulnerabilities, Microminder’s WAF integrates with machine learning to effect these updates automatically. Thus, saving organisations the time that would’ve been invested in manually tuning and remediating false positives - a repercussion of manual reconfiguration.


Through advanced reporting, Microminder’s WAF offers organisations complete visibility into the details of malicious traffic, threats, and vulnerabilities that terrorise their web applications. These attack logs serve as intelligence for SOC analysts.


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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