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The range of scores is represented as follows:

CVSS Score Severity Rating
0.0 None
0.0 - 3.9 Low
4.0 - 6.9 Medium
7.0 - 8.9 High
9.0 - 10.0 Critical

On a scale of zero to ten, this system then yields a score to reflect the severity of said vulnerabilities. With this score, vulnerability management services like Microminder can assess and define their vulnerability management processes based on priority.

You, therefore, need vulnerability management to:

How Microminder’s Vulnerability Management Lifecycle Works

We commence our vulnerability management security measures by studying your network’s ecosystem to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This is the first step in our vulnerability management cycle.

The following steps are concerned with assessing the validity of the vulnerabilities, fixing said vulnerabilities and conducting detailed reports. Here is what they entail:

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After spotting your ecosystem's existing and potential vulnerabilities while referencing the CVSS, we will assess and validate them using our Pen Testing Tools to weed out the vulnerabilities that are false positives. At this vulnerability assessment step, we will categorise the true vulnerabilities on a scale of preference based on their severity and criticality to your organisation. After this, we’ll design a vulnerability management strategy to accommodate your specific needs. We do this to prioritise the most severe vulnerabilities first, thus reducing the chances of an attack while we work to secure the rest of your system.

To prevent a cybersecurity attack, we must first prove the existence of a network vulnerability. At Microminder, we will liaise with your IT team to scour through countless databases while using our threat intelligence systems as a guide. Here, we will take inventory of all digital assets while identifying details of the company’s services, applications, network and settings configurations, etc. Once we narrow down these systems and ports, our endpoint agents will conduct detailed adaptive vulnerability scans of all the internal and external networks to identify potential vulnerabilities.

With the prioritised vulnerability management strategy, we can go ahead to eradicate the validated vulnerabilities. At Microminder, we offer both preventive and remedial actions on catalogued vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability management strategy includes risk mitigation plans which we launch to reduce the chances of vulnerability exploitation or its impact on the network. We also deploy our security experts to annihilate said vulnerabilities by fully fixing, patching or reconfiguring your network settings. Once we have addressed all existing and potential vulnerabilities, we go the extra mile to rescan and conduct another penetration test. We do this to verify the remediation success of said threats, ensure that new vulnerabilities don’t emerge and gauge our strategy's efficacy.

Microminder’s competitive advantage is its provision of real-time access to risks, remedial actions, configuration exposures and compliance status. So, as an accountability-prioritising cybersecurity company, you best believe we will create a tactical, in-depth report on the identified and remediated vulnerabilities and the vulnerabilities management techniques we deployed. We do this to create a baseline from which we can improve in future.

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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