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Database evaluations are performed to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in databases. These tests also aid in improving security by protecting sensitive data.

These scans are performed on wireless and wired networks to uncover vulnerabilities in network security.

Security flaws can be uncovered using front-end automated vulnerability screening tools or static/dynamic source code analysis.

Cyberpunks can breach company Wi-Fi networks to access confidential information. A wireless network test scans and validates a firm's network to identify fraudulent access points.

These scans help find and exploit security vulnerabilities in servers, workstations, and other network hosts. A host-based scan typically examines exposed ports and services and can give insight into the system's configuration settings and patch management.

Following are examples of vulnerability assessment tools:

Insecure data storage

Web scanners

that can pinpoint and map out the attack surface are helpful to companies that want to secure their data.

Insuffiiceint cryptography

Network scanners

are essential for web administrators who want to discover network vulnerabilities.


Protocol scanners

are designed to find defenceless protocols, ports, and other services.

We first conduct various vulnerability scans to identify susceptibilities. These include penetration test results, network assessments, firewall logs and other threat detection tests. After analysing these scans, we highlight irregularities that may grant access and lead to a cyber attack.

We then examine the discovered vulnerabilities to see if they can be exploited and assess them based on the level of security risk.

Our team will consider wormability and other risks when deciding which vulnerabilities to mitigate or remediate.

We fix any security issues identified during the risk assessment process. Typically, this is a collaborative effort between our various departments, who are responsible for determining the most cost-effective way to address vulnerabilities.

It refers to dealing with vulnerabilities that remediation cannot fix. Our team of cyber professionals helps reduce the risk of a vulnerability being exploited or the aftermath of an attack.

We can help you discover and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems more quickly and efficiently than simply purchasing software. This is because we tailor the scans to your specific goals and objectives. Assessment software can sometimes generate perplexing results, such as false positives and incorrect severity ratings. Choosing us will give you access to human intelligence and the ability to view your system as an attacker would. We use automated and manual methods to ensure that the vulnerability assessment process is as effective as possible.

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Other added benefits of our vulnerability assessment services are:

  • MCSL

    Enhanced security and control.

  • MCSL

    Rapid detection of vulnerabilities before external attackers may exploit them.

  • MCSL

    Ensuring that threats are constantly monitored and reported, thus keeping your IT environment safe.

  • MCSL

    Reducing the number of blind spots in your IT environment

  • MCSL

    Complete post-test care for successful risk mitigation

  • MCSL

    Our vulnerability assessment services assist your company in meeting governance, compliance, and data protection standards.

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

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