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What Are Source Code Review Services?

Source code review involves a manual and/or automated assessment of an application’s source code.

To help locate any security vulnerabilities in the code. While this review does not try to find every single issue present in the code, it provides elucidation into what issues there currently are and assists the developers’ comprehension of what sort of problems exist in the code. The mission of source code review is to provide developers with the information needed to strengthen the application’s source code and enhance its overall security.

Insecure data storage

Simplify Quality Assurance (QA) tests

The QA testing period will feel more manageable, and source code review can even speed up the whole process, as it eliminates the need for a reworking scenario in the development stage.

Insuffiiceint cryptography

Catch bugs

Microminder helps to conserve your time and money by catching bugs as early as possible. The quicker a bug is detected, the cheaper it is to fix. We can transparently track every bug lingering in the source code.

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Here are some tips to ensure your source code is protected:

  • 1

    Ensure that all inventions and concepts associated with the software are thoroughly protected by both patents and copyright law. Patents protect your idea; copyright protects the actual written code.

  • 2

    Form a source code protection policy by creating a set of rules relating to the code. This can help keep software and devices safe from outside threats. This policy should include information such as documentation on secure coding practices, individuals involved in code development, and source code development processes.

  • 3

    Determine who is permitted access to the source code. There should not be any reason why anyone except for proactive employees should be working on your code. Still, two-factor authentication should be launched for anyone with access for maximum protection. This stops people with ill intent from getting into your code.

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How Does Microminder’s Source Code Security Review Work?

By combining both reviews, the security of the source code is enhanced. It decreases the number of vulnerabilities that creep in.

  • MCSL

    Examining coding standards, guidelines, and documentation of software.

  • MCSL

    Communicating with you about the application.

  • MCSL

    Locating security design issues.

  • MCSL

    Exploring various areas in the application code.

  • MCSL

    Finding unvalidated data weaknesses in the code as well as insufficient coding techniques.

  • MCSL

    Assessing any security red flags relating to particular framework tech.

Upon completion of the source code review, Microminder will present you with a list of the various vulnerabilities found by our reputable experts and the steps you can take to improve the source code. We are always available for additional consultation should you need it after the review.

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

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