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Certifications & Accreditations

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    To test and evaluate gaps in your current security capabilities, giving you the opportunity to rectify them.

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    To test and evaluate gaps in your current security capabilities, giving you the opportunity to rectify them.To examine existing and future threats within your cybersecurity landscape to ascertain the efficacy of your current security measures.

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People: At this stage, your security activities and often understaffed and uncoordinated.

Process: During the initial stage, there is no formal security program or policy in place.

Technology: The organisation is at risk within the cyber threat landscape and might have experienced some security issues, yet no protection measures of control exist.

People: There is some cyber expertise and leadership, but no formal structures or communication methods exist.

Process: Some basic risk policies, processes and procedures have been developed.

Technology: Security tools and technologies have been developed and implemented to improve controls, but with limited documentation, there is still a level of maturity risk.

People: As your organisation’s cybersecurity structure becomes more established, you develop some set roles, responsibilities, and policies.

Process: The entire organisation has access to processes and policies, but there is no verification procedure to ensure they are followed.

Technology: More control measures have been implemented, and tools and documentation developed. However, there are no assigned cybersecurity roles and the business relies on the activities of one or a few individuals.

People: The security assessment roles and responsibilities are now clearly defined. The company has channelled resources to the department and there is a company-wide awareness of the need for cybersecurity.

Process: At this stage, there is a formal security department with standardised committees, as well as verification, implementation and analysis processes.

Technology: The security controls are monitored and checked for compliance but automation levels are still uneven and unreliable.

People: You have developed an organisational culture that fully understands and supports cybersecurity activities related to people, processes and technology.

Process: Infosec teams can comprehensively implement processes on a risk and quantitative basis.

Technology: There is efficient and effective automation of controls that are fully implemented and also undergo continuous improvement.

We identify current gaps within your information risk management tools. We do this by identifying the repercussions of a threat incident on your organisation. We then strategise and develop methods of limiting the damage in the case of a successful malicious attack.

Micromider helps you understand the scale of your security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This will guide the types and levels of cybersecurity needed. Vulnerability assessments consist of four steps, mainly:

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During the cyber maturity assessments, we evaluate the level of your cyber maturity based on five stages – initial, developing, defined, managed and optimised.

As part of our cyber security maturity assessment services, we must prioritise cyber risks and threats. This is a crucial step as it helps your security team understand the impact each type of threat might have on your organisation.

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Our team must align your specific cybersecurity practices with your industry’s standards. These could range from HIPAA, NIST or PCI compliance.

Comparing your organisation’s cybersecurity maturity posture against industry peers helps you gain insight into your performance. Microminder will perform comparison exercises to quantify the posture of your cyber security solutions against that of your peers and competitors. We will help establish benchmarks for you to rank your systems against and cyber risk rating to help gather actionable and detailed information.

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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Clients in over 20 countries have secured their businesses from online threats with our cybersecurity services. Excellent customer support and cost-effective pricing are just a few of the reasons we’ve established long-lasting, highly successful relationships with our varied clients. Read our company testimonials to learn more about our unique capabilities and why so many clients have chosen us as their go-to provider for security solutions.

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