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These threats can originate from any of the following:

Cybercriminals with malicious intent could quickly bring down a SCADA network to its knees. By gaining access to its components, these criminals can cause chaos in an organisation, ranging from disruption in services to cyber warfare.

Hackers intend to penetrate mainly with malicious purposes, but terrorists are looking to cause much more damage and mayhem to the critical systems of specific essential industries.

The company's internal workers are a relatively common reason for SCADA network issues. Either intentionally or unintentionally, an error could arise due to poor training and negligence.

These would include spyware, viruses or any other hostile programs that may not directly target SCADA networks but still are a large menace to the functioning of critical infrastructure.

Due to the importance of SCADA in crucial global industries and its treacherous vulnerability, specific steps are taken by companies like Microminder to ensure its safety. We offer comprehensive ICS & SCADA Assessment Services to address the potential security challenges faced by your organisation.

  • 1

    The tools used for testing embedded control devices such as programmable logic controllers differ from those used for testing workstations and Windows-based servers.

  • 2

    If a test goes wrong, the repercussions would be potentially more dangerous than on a regular corporate network.

  • 3

    Incompatibility issues are caused by devices manufactured by different or even the same manufacturer. Also, there are a vast number of conflicting control network protocols in use.

Due to these differences, security assessments require a more tailored approach and planning.


Benefits of SCADA / ICS Security Assessment

SCADA and ICS are mostly forgotten while performing an organisation's risk management analysis.

Imagine a hacker or terrorist endangering lives by taking down the power of an emergency hospital or penetrating the system of air traffic controllers. A SCADA/ ICS assessment can resolve this by:

Microminder can help by providing an in-depth assessment of your electronic connecting equipment and workstation that uses a wireless or modem network communication technology.

Hiring any security company without experience in ICS/ SCADA testing could potentially cause serious damage to your system. Our security experts have deep knowledge of cybersecurity and control systems in the Oil & Energy sector. We provide customised services to analyse your industrial processes and operational technologies, from field-level equipment to ERP systems.


Our security experts help you achieve regulatory compliance by aligning our efforts to OT-specific cybersecurity frameworks such as

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    NIST 800-82

  • MCSL

    ISO 27019

  • MCSL

    ISA/IEC 62443


By adhering to this approach, we ensure that your organisation acquires extensive guidance based on industry-leading practices. Our assessment services can help pinpoint and reduce any potential risk, including appropriate communication strategies with traditional IT.

  • MCSL

    Define and Agree on the scope

  • MCSL

    Information Gathering

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    Attack & Penetration

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    Discussion & Remediation


Our SCADA/ICS security assessment approach follows the CREST ICS Testing procedure and meets the NIST guidelines

Here is a brief inventory of Microminders methodology:

  • MCSL

    Password cracking

  • MCSL

    Virus detection

  • MCSL

    Log reviews

  • MCSL

    Integrity checkers

  • MCSL

    Network & vulnerability scanning


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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