Penetration Testing Services
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Penetration Testing Services

Inimitable penetration testing that uncovers the unknown

Our Penetration Testing Services covers all network systems, applications and physical security components. It simulates real life attacks to give you a realistic idea of the business risks and exposure to cyber crime. Experience the finest of Penetration Testing in UK with Microminder.

Why organisations need penetration testing

Identify key vulnerabilities
Assess and quantify the potential impact on your business & critical operations with our advanced tools
Achieve regulatory compliance
Demonstrate compliance by adhering to industry benchmarks by implementing ISO frameworks.
Supply chain attacks
Our security assessments would identify any insecurities within all your 3rd party supplier software or devices
Implement appropriate controls
Gain full insight into your business infrastructure, applications and apply necessary effective controls.
Protect brand reputation
We proactively ensure adequate measures are taken from the assessments to nullify exposure to attacks.
Prevent threat infiltration
Prioritise and address all business risks with a continuous security program with our penetration testing

How we ensure the Best Penetration Testing Services?


Project Onboarding in minutes, get started same day

Project discussion & Proposal sign off
Pre-requisites shared & Pen testing starts
Reporting & Remediation offered

Our comprehensive range of penetration testing services

Infrastructure Testing
We offer black box, grey box and white box testing for external and internal IPs and APIs
Web Application testing
Get your web applications tested with us for vulnerabilities in line with OWASP Top 10 and improve your SDLC process
Mobile Application Testing
Secure your mobile apps and identify weaknesses in the functionality. Our Penetration Testing Services in the UK test iOS and android platforms
Source code review
Get your web applications tested with us for vulnerabilities in line with OWASP Top 10
Red Teaming / Social engineering
Assessments that simulate real life attacks to test your business resilience and abilities to cyber threats.
Cloud security assessments
Uncover any unsecure configurations, perimeters and access controls in your cloud infrastructure
Vulnerability assessments
We perform a mix of manual and automated scans on your systems and applications, get reports with remediation advice
Wireless device / Firewall testing
Test rogue access points, onsite war walk, brute force wireless network and test firewall policies

Why choose Microminder as your penetration testing partner?

At Microminder we pride ourselves on world class quality and service. As one of the top Pen Testing Companies in the UK, our certified experts are best in the industry and having worked for several heavily regulated industries they are best placed to work with you to provide independent cyber security advice and tailored reports.

Proactively identify security gaps and remediate them

Our penetration testing experts will identify and exfiltrate any critical threats, highlight your business risks by emulating real life external and internal attacks.