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Certifications & Accreditations

  • MCSL

    Correlate, centralise, and enrich security data while putting the data into context.

  • MCSL

    Automate time-consuming manual security tasks and workflows.

  • MCSL

    Improve your organisation’s security operations and reporting making them more efficient and consistent.

  • MCSL

    Accelerate incident detection, identification, mapping, eradication and remediation.

  • MCSL

    Integrate organisational policies, processes, applications and infrastructure.

  • MCSL

    Free up security teams and developers to perform more complex tasks.

  • MCSL

    Add intelligence to threat detection to trigger security notifications according to recognised security threats.

  • MCSL

    Prioritise threat notifications to reduce security alerts that can overwhelm security teams.

  • MCSL

    Automate remediation responses to minimise manual intervention.

  • MCSL

    Automatically track and report security incidents to enable security teams to develop effective security policies.

  • MCSL

    Scan security tools or define actions that trigger automatic scans of applications and organisational systems.

  • MCSL

    Prevent the loss of historical data and examine how your business’s security posture has evolved.

Security and Automation

Most organisations try to minimise the number of threats they face by eliminating vulnerabilities.

Cyber security automation will allow you to identify known attack methods and stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Microminder can use security automation to manage some of the more critical or tedious aspects of your organisation’s security infrastructure.

These security processes offer the most benefit when automated:

Monitoring tools provide visibility into your business's security posture and IT environment. This means they must constantly provide information at scale and use vulnerability databases to monitor open-source code. These activities need to direct security teams and notify them of detected threats and new vulnerabilities.


After a threat is detected, security teams need to know what parts of your network have been affected. What is the level of damage? An automation system can perform this forensic investigation in less time than manual investigations and provide more accurate results. The automation service providers, such as Microminder, will provide guidance on the remediation procedure that needs to be performed.


Usually, security teams must respond as soon as possible after a threat is detected. Security automation can take the urgency out of IT teams’ responses by promptly reacting. Automation tools can remove malware, install patches, make upgrades, or deactivate a harmful service without human intervention.


User-related tasks can be daunting, going into the hundreds depending on the size of your organisation and its functions. When you add, remove, or modify users. Automated security systems can save you time and valuable resources by performing escalation or de-escalation tasks and investigating user statuses.


Your systems and data must remain operational even after an attack to ensure business continuity. The system often has to be taken offline with manual security incident responses, meaning your business is barely functional. Security automation, however, can apply IP-blocking rules during an attack and let you use other IP addresses. It can also ensure critical data is still available by replicating critical server instances.


Connecting and streamlining IT security processes. This will help your security team effectively manage and analyse security systems.

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Differences Between Security Automation vs Security Orchestration

Although they perform many overlapping tasks, a security orchestration system and a security automation system have different objectives. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but the service orchestration and automation platform differ in a number of ways - namely:

Cybersecurity automation Cybersecurity orchestration
Automate various tasks within a single system Automate multiple tasks between numerous applications
Prepare and perform single security operations A complete process that makes use of several automation tasks over several platforms
Form part of the overall orchestration process that includes more complex scenarios Management, and coordination of numerous systems and services including middleware
Focus on data and incident codification Focus on process systematisation
  • MCSL

    Combining alerts from different sources into a comprehensive list allowing security teams to analyse and manage them.

  • MCSL

    Prompt incident response to minimise the impact of cyber breaches.

  • MCSL

    Integration of cybersecurity tools such as:

    • 1

      Email security

    • 2

      IT and infrastructure

    • 3

      Threat intelligence

    • 4

      SIEM and log management

    • 5

      Cloud security

    • 6

      Identity and access management

  • MCSL

    Simplifies reporting and allows cybersecurity analysts to schedule automatic reports and gain access at any time.

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