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Why does your business need mobile application pentesting?

Penetration testing of mobile applications is not a quick or easy process.

For the best results, your organisation needs to conduct comprehensive pen tests of the mobile applications you develop at different development stages to uncover weaknesses.

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Insecure data storage

Insecure data storage

Failing to store data securely gives hackers the opportunity to access devices and steal information. Breaches happen when software developers assume that users have the knowledge or malware to infiltrate systems.

Insuffiiceint cryptography

Insuffiiceint cryptography

Lack of a proper encryption process means data on the mobile application is not safe. The data is unprotected if developers make an error when implementing an encryption attempt. This gives hackers a chance to access and manipulate data that should be unreadable.

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The first step of a mobile app penetration test is intelligence or information gathering. The data that Microminder’s pen test teams collect during this stage forms the basis of a mobile app penetration testing process.

The discovery phase aims to understand the mobile application's design, architecture and data flow. Our pentesters will use open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gather information on the application by searching the internet.


At this stage, Microminder’s testers use assessment techniques to observe how the application functions before and after installation on a mobile device. Some of these techniques include:

  • MCSL

    Static analysis

  • MCSL

    Dynamic analysis

  • MCSL

    Local file analysis

  • MCSL

    Reverse engineering

  • MCSL

    Architecture analysis

  • MCSL

    Inter application communication


This is a real-world attack simulation that helps Microminder’s mobile application pentesters see how the application will respond to an attack. Our infosec experts take advantage of all vulnerabilities they have discovered and use mobile penetration testing tools to hack the system. These are usually found online or created by the security team's developers.


The final step of pentesting mobile apps is the preparation and presentation of the findings of the test. During this stage, Microminder’s test team will create executive-level and technical reports. The former is used by management and other non-technical employees. The technical report identifies more specific vulnerabilities and gives individual remediation procedures.

Our pentesters finalise the mobile app pen test by presenting final documents that include expert recommendations, queries, and updates. At Microminders, we make sure to answer all pertinent questions and present a final version to our clients to review and approve.


A lot of data theft happens when hackers steal user data over public networks. Pen testing mobile apps requires infosec teams to test how data travels over networks.

Look for clear text storage that is precisely what hackers hope to find in insecure applications.

This is a crucial step for effective mobile app penetration testing. Testers need to understand the architecture and design of software to identify areas of insecurity.

It’s necessary to test the efficiency of application security measures such as session expiration during a password change or multi-factor authentication.

Pen test teams need to check for debug and error messages that could inadvertently reveal internal app information to the end-user.


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

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