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Cybersecurity Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Secure Your Manufacturing Business With Microminder

With so much at stake, manufacturing companies must have a cybersecurity team behind them that is capable of quickly detecting, preventing and responding to data breaches. Microminder recognises the significance of protecting your manufacturing firm and has professionals who can assist you with threat detection, customised cybersecurity plans, supply chain security architecture, and insider threat prevention.

We offer the following services for manufacturing businesses:

Microminder can provide an in-depth analysis of your industrial control systems and SCADA networks, identifying potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities. We will work with you to identify the best ways to protect against cyberattacks and ensure that critical operations can run smoothly should there be a breach.

We assess the SaaS, cloud-based, and on-premises software used within your manufacturing business for potential security threats. This includes identifying any weak spots that could be exploited by hackers, as well as recommending best practices to improve overall cybersecurity.

Our team can perform malicious attack testing on your IT systems to identify any vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit. This includes both online and offline attacks and social engineering techniques.

Microminder can assess the risks posed by third-party suppliers and vendors, helping to identify any potential security threats. This includes reviews of their security protocols, certifications, and background checks.

Manufacturing businesses often have many remote users who need to access sensitive data. To protect against cyberattacks, we can create a Zero Trust Network – an encrypted network that only trusted employees could access. This will help to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to your confidential information.

Common Security Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to phishing scams when attackers try to trick employees into revealing their personal information. For example, a hacker may send out an email that appears to be from a company administrator and request that the employee enters their login credentials.


Many manufacturing companies have systems connected to the internet and rely on databases to function. If a hacker gains access to your company's data, they may encrypt it and demand money to release it to you.


Employees have been known to execute cyberattacks to steal information, destroy systems for their own amusement, or gain an advantage in a competition. An employee may do such a thing in the event of a previous grievance or difficult dismissal.

Internal breaches

OT devices, such as industrial robots, are often used in manufacturing and can be vulnerable to sabotage. This could involve disabling the robot or planting a virus that will cause it to malfunction.

Equipment sabotage

You can expect us to deliver the following:

You will likely reduce your overall security budget by working with Microminder. Not only will you be minimising the number of internal staff needed to secure your data, but you are also lowering the expense of recovering from a breach.

Having a dedicated cybersecurity provider on call ensures that your data is continuously being monitored for any signs of vulnerability. No more costly and time-consuming security audits.

Hiring a team of cybersecurity personnel who only work day shifts will leave your manufacturing business vulnerable to breaches. Skilled hackers work all hours and can break into networks in a matter of minutes. Outsourcing to an experienced and dedicated provider like Microminder means the industry’s leading cybersecurity experts will monitor your systems around the clock, 365 days a year.

Recovering from a data breach can be challenging, but our team is ready to help whenever needed. We minimise incident downtime and ensure that your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Microminder Cybersecurity
Microminder Cybersecurity

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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Microminder Cybersecurity

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Clients in over 20 countries have secured their businesses from online threats with our cybersecurity services. Excellent customer support and cost-effective pricing are just a few of the reasons we’ve established long-lasting, highly successful relationships with our varied clients. Read our company testimonials to learn more about our unique capabilities and why so many clients have chosen us as their go-to provider for security solutions.

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