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Certifications & Accreditations

Insecure data storage

User identity management

IAM systems can create, modify or delete users from a network environment. These systems can also create identities for specialised access to resources.

Insecure data storage

Provisioning and de-provisioning

IAM specifies a user’s tools and access level (provisioning) via RBAC-defined policies. Access levels are revoked or de-provisioned by IAM tools when an employee leaves the company to avoid security risks.

Insecure data storage


IAM systems confirm the credentials of a user or group via various authentication methods.

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Microminder’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a vital tool that adds another layer of protection to the network. MFA requires users to present two or more credentials from differing authentication categories, in addition to a username or password, before they are authenticated to access an application or file. This way, we checkmate password compromises, automated bot attacks, targeted attacks and bulk phishing attacks. With Microminder, your organisation can deploy MFA methods like SMS authentication, voice call, security questions, etc.


Microminder’s single sign-on user authentication service is designed to increase productivity while reducing user sign-in frictions. This service permits users within the network to apply only a set of login credentials (username and password) once and gain access to diverse applications. Via Microminder’s SSO launchpad, users can also switch between Cloud, on-premises and mobile applications without the need to re-enter their credentials.


Microminder’s RBA offering is an adaptive authentication service that automatically prompts a user for multi-factor authentication (MFA) when it detects the presence of higher risks. The user is alerted to an MFA prompt when using a different location/IP address from what is logged or when malware is detected. However, in the event of high risk, access is denied altogether.


Microminder’s privileged access management (PAM) service helps condense the digital attack surface of the organisation by securing, managing, controlling and monitoring privileged users’ access to different digital assets, applications and sensitive data. Microminder’s PAM service provides a remote repository of the credentials of privileged users to reduce their risk of compromise and to maintain asset integrity and confidentiality.


You need this service for the following:

Control over who gains access to different resources in your organisation will help you identify and mitigate potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Therefore, checkmating endpoint and entity data breaches before they emerge. IAM offers convenience because organisations can readily identify policy violations or rescind unwarranted access privileges without scouring data logs and intelligence systems for that information.

With IAM, the identity and management lifecycle is centralised and automated, thus making the workflow more seamless as group leaders can relay authorisations to subordinates. During onboarding, this reduces processing time and errors as access can be managed by groups rather than individually.

The automated nature of an IAM system decreases the human effort, time and finances that organisations would otherwise invest in the manual management of access to their networks. Therefore, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

With identity access management solutions, organisations can easily enforce user validation, authentication and privileges policies to streamline information access and dissemination. This way, they can checkmate privilege creep.

As a measure of our service quality, Microminder possesses all the IAM certifications, including CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CISA, CIPT, CAMS, CIAM, CIMP, CIST, CIPA, and CIGE. We also can confirm your organisation’s adherence to compliance standards and requirements like HIPAA or NIST.


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

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