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Cybersecurity Services for the Healthcare

What makes healthcare cybersecurity so challenging?

The healthcare industry is a high-value target for cybercriminals, and they often exploit this vulnerability to steal money or even injure people. These hackers are ruthless and will go to great lengths to cause havoc and destruction.

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Here are five reasons why medical information is targeted:

Fraudsters can steal medical data and use it to get loans or insurance claims by using forged bills with the patient's credentials. In certain cases, they have also been known to sell stolen information online.

Some criminals threaten patients, saying they will release their compromising medical information if they don't pay a ransom or make other concessions related to the crime. There are some known instances of hackers even threatening healthcare professionals with releasing patient data if they refuse treatment requests.

Criminals can use stolen healthcare data to lure individuals into becoming spies, insiders, or even cybercriminals themselves. This information can also be used to identify potential victims and exploit their vulnerabilities for personal gain.

Medical devices used for critical or life-saving procedures are often connected to the internet and exposed to a high risk of cyberattack. Hackers may target these devices for espionage or even damage to achieve their goals.

Doctors and health care practitioners are often the targets of ransomware attacks. In these attacks, criminals encrypt files on a victim's computer and demand an amount in exchange for unlocking them. This attack is particularly harmful because it can prevent access to patient’s health records and other vital healthcare information.

The sheer volume of data that medical institutions must safeguard makes it difficult to stay secure.

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Here are some of the more common challenges:

Downtime is not an option

Downtime is not an option

Cyberattacks can cause significant outages in medical systems, leading to a loss of patient data and even causing complications with patient care. Proper backups are essential for mitigating this risk.

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We offer the following healthcare cybersecurity services:

Our penetration testers can identify and exploit any vulnerabilities within a healthcare provider's IT systems, helping to mitigate the risks posed by attackers.

We use state-of-the-art data protection technologies like encryption and password management algorithms to protect medical data.

With sensitive medical data being stored and accessed in the cloud, it is essential to ensure that these systems are protected from cyberattacks. We are highly skilled in assessing and recommending precautions for online data storage.

Much of the medical sector uses Voice over IP (VoIP) for communication between team members, departments, and patients. We will assess the security of your VoIP systems and recommend measures to protect them from cyberattacks.

Our cyber professionals will evaluate all the risks posed by external contractors and recommend measures to mitigate them.

Microminder Cybersecurity
Microminder Cybersecurity
Microminders healthcare cybersecurity services
Achieve regulatory compliance with
                                    OT-specific cybersecurity frameworks

Microminder professionals are certified under the CREST professional programme. This ensures that all our personnel have the education and experience required to deliver effective cybersecurity solutions.

Crest-certified professionals

Our rapid response times mean we can quickly assess and provide tailor-made services to overcome vulnerabilities. And since time is of the essence in the healthcare industry, we always work to keep downtime to a minimum.

Rapid response times

We offer flexible payment terms, so you don’t have to miss out on working with the best cybersecurity solution for your organisation. No matter how big or small your healthcare facility is, we can tailor a package that is just right for you.

Flexible payment terms

Avoid having to hire inexperienced in-house cybersecurity personnel. With the support of Microminder, you can benefit from our team's years of experience in the healthcare sector. We will work with you as an extension of your team and offer customised assistance to keep your data safe.

Skills shortage

We keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings in cybersecurity. This means we can provide you with the most effective solutions possible, regardless of how complicated the problem might initially seem.

Latest technology

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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Microminder Cybersecurity

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