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Microminder’s deception technology solutions perform three core tasks when for lateral movement defence:

Preempt cyberattacks

Preempt cyberattacks

Our cybersecurity deception technology preempts attacks by discovering and removing cached credentials, network connections and possible attack pathways.

Detect ongoing IT infrastructure attacks

Detect ongoing IT infrastructure attacks

Our security technicians implement deception tactics and decoys to disorient and mislead malicious actors. They are led into believing they have successfully accessed your network and eventually reveal themselves.

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After consultations with your organisation’s management and IT security team, we weave deceptive technology software into your network. We use various types of intruder traps, including:

  • MCSL

    Honey users

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    Honey credentials

  • MCSL

    Honey files

Hacktivists are tricked into interacting with fake assets, where they use scanning tools for internal surveillance to determine their lateral movements. The detection tools detect the usage of these scanning tools and alert security teams of a breach.

We use leading cybersecurity deception technology to define a honey user or decoy account with a common name linked to administrators. Hackers will usually try to guess the passwords to such accounts, but any login attempts trigger alerts.

Attackers are able to launch a pass-the-hash attack or clear text credentials without the use of malware. Microminder teams inject honey credentials on your network’s endpoints to keep track of intruder activity. You will be automatically alerted if any of these fake credentials are used.

The ultimate goal of cybercriminals is to exfiltrate sensitive information. They do this by zipping and copying files to a cloud storage account or external server. By specifying honey files, we give you the ability to monitor activity on fake files and keep authentic assets secure.

After bad actors have accessed the deception environment, they cannot enter your business’ real IT environment. Deception tools lock them out of your network, and we can determine their target and method of entry through threat intelligence techniques.


Like many other businesses, you might have various security tools that work concurrently to protect your systems. From threat detection and prevention tools to firewalls and vulnerability management software, these tools are essential to the security of your network. Before investing in deception technology products, confirm that they can easily share data with your existing tools.


Microminder creates deception technology that is agile and flexible. This means it works across all vulnerable areas of your IT infrastructure. These include:

  • MCSL

    Resources on your premises

  • MCSL

    Network equipment

  • MCSL

    Cloud-based applications

  • MCSL

    IoT devices

  • MCSL



An organisation's deception technology should be applied across your entire IT environment for maximum coverage. As you scale up your operations, your security systems also need to adapt and expand accordingly. Our deception technology solutions are easily scalable and can be customised to fit the needs of organisations of all sizes.


As your organisation grows, the number of endpoints increases, all of which will ideally have individual decoys. Managing these decoys can become a very complicated, time-consuming process. Look for deception technology companies that offer centralised management of decoys via a centralised console.


Successful deception technology implementation must remain invisible to the attacker. If they suspect that they are interacting with deceptive assets, they may launch more brutal attacks or use more advanced hacking tools to evade traps.


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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