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Cybersecurity Services for the Aviation Industry

These threat actors have long been known to target sensitive data, such as airline passenger information, to gather intelligence for their governments or other organisations.


They specifically target aviation infrastructure and systems as part of their attacks to cause mass casualties or render the transport system unusable.

Cyber Terrorist

APT groups are cybercrime syndicates that use dedicated malware and spyware to penetrate networks, steal data, and extort businesses. APT actors have historically targeted the aviation industry to weaken other countries' aviation capabilities, improve local aviation capabilities, and develop preventive technologies against other attacks.


They may want to damage or disrupt an airport or airline to draw attention to a certain cause.


Employees and business partners can be a source of insider threats. These individuals might have access to sensitive information or be in a position to cause harm if they decide to use that knowledge maliciously.


To minimise the risks of cyberattacks, it is important for companies operating in the aviation sector to be aware of their surroundings and take appropriate measures. We at Microminder understand that airlines require an agile and adaptive security infrastructure that can rapidly detect, respond to and mitigate threats as they materialise.

Our unified security platform is specifically tailored for the aviation industry and offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to help organisations protect themselves from cyberattacks and insider threats. It utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify dangerous behaviour across the organisation, so you can take corrective action quickly before things get out of hand. And coupled with our experienced cybersecurity experts, you can expect the best protection against traditional and emerging threats.

Aviation Sector

Some of the key elements of the aviation industry that are vulnerable to cyberattacks include:

Airlines store the personal data of flying passengers in these systems. For example, booking information includes name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card data. If this data falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for identity theft, fraud or other crimes.

Aviation networks support communication and control between aircraft, ground stations, Gate operators and other systems on runways and passenger terminals. Aircraft use wireless networking to send flight planning data from cockpit computers to controllers in the air traffic control system (ATCS). If intercepted, this data could reveal aircraft positions and other confidential information.

Cyber attackers can exploit in-flight devices such as entertainment systems, air traffic control radar surveillance displays and aircraft engines. These devices could compromise passenger safety or flight operations by facilitating the unauthorised access of confidential data or controlling equipment such as lighting and heating system.

Information about the flight route, engine maintenance and other aircraft performance data is stored on these systems. If hackers access this data, they can use it to plan unauthorised flights or deceive air traffic controllers about the location and condition of an aircraft.

Digital ATC systems use computer-based approaches to dispense flight routes and communicate with pilots. If hackers gain access to this data, they could manipulate it to create artificial delays or conflicts in the air traffic control system, potentially disrupting flights.

Microminder Cybersecurity
Microminder Cybersecurity

Our team specialises in safeguarding SCADA systems - vital digital assets airport operators use to manage operations and maintain safety. From malware detection and removal to full system security audits, we can ensure that the SCADA system used by your airline is protected from any threat.

We are trusted by businesses around the globe, including some of the world's largest airlines.

These are just a few of the many security services that we can provide. Visit our cybersecurity services page to learn more.

Here's how we can help you:

ICS/ SCADA assessment

ICS/ SCADA assessment

Our experienced security testers will identify and investigate potential vulnerabilities in your SCADA system. This includes looking for weaknesses in the design, configuration, and operation of the system and identifying possible threats from outside sources, such as malware.

Network security

Network security

We can help improve the security of crucial systems by deploying powerful network security solutions. This includes protecting against intrusions, data theft, and other malicious activity, as well as ensuring that our customer’s systems can communicate securely.

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Besides helping companies comply with the CAA, we can also help airlines become compliant with other cyber security regulations, including:

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    ISO 27001

  • Microminder Cybersecurity


  • Microminder Cybersecurity


  • Microminder Cybersecurity


In the end, it does not matter much how many preventive measures a company puts in place to secure the business. As long as some loopholes exist, threats can easily sneak in and cause major damage. That's why companies need cybersecurity services to help fortify their network and protect their data from prying eyes.


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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Microminder Cybersecurity

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