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Certifications & Accreditations

Attack surface management always includes the following:

  • MCSL

    secure and insecure assets

  • MCSL

    known and unknown assets

  • MCSL

    shadow IT

  • MCSL

    active or inactive assets

  • MCSL

    premises and in the cloud assets

  • MCSL

    managed and unmanaged devices

  • MCSL

    IoT devices

  • MCSL


  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    software-as-a-service apps

  • MCSL

    cloud assets and resources

Microminder’s cyber security experts scan the entire internet to identify, map, and monitor the potential external attack surface of your organisation. Our team helps boost the visibility of unknown assets to prevent successful attacks on them.

Our specialists help to estimate risk exposure and prioritise targets for further improvements. Knowing where your weakest spots lie and closing these gaps in advance means prioritising the most dangerous risks for your company.

As an attack surface management vendor, we mimic real-world attack scenarios to estimate vulnerabilities and exploitation opportunities. Having years of experience, our team can predict how hackers think and effectively inform your security teams on how to close weak spots and eliminate potential threats before hackers reach them.

Since most attacks on a well-established business can be costly, a mitigation strategy should always be in place. Microminder provides advisory guidelines on how to better manage successful attacks and outcomes to better support the operational efforts of your security teams.​


How Does ASM Protect From Cyber Attacks?

We can Protect your systems by cyber attacks

You won't be able to successfully manage your assets if you don't know that they exist. Since cybersecurity teams in many organisations lack expertise and knowledge in different areas, not all of them know that they have a vast range of "unknown unknowns". These include assets housed on partner or third-party sites, IoT devices, deprecated IP addresses, services enabled by Shadow IT, and so on. Outdated tools and processes usually miss these attack surface assets. Luckily, they can be quickly found using modern cyber attack surface management methods by mimicking techniques attackers use.


Testing your cyber attack surface once won't give any results. Since every day your organisation adds tools, apps, third-party services and devices into the ecosystem, the attack surface will only grow and become more visible for attackers month after month. To be more specific, not only does the risk of a successful attack grow but also misconfigurations, data exposures or other security gaps. This is why our team tests all possible attack vectors continuously to ensure that your business is secure everywhere and at each given moment.


Since every attack vector is developed differently, business context and ownership are essential elements of efficient attack surface management. However, outdated tools and processes usually are not able to provide the context in a consistent way, making it almost impossible to prioritise fixes. By using our practice-proven attack surface management solutions, you can get information on the IP addresses, device types, current use purpose, device owners, their relation to other assets, as well as all possible vulnerabilities they hold. Getting this context helps in prioritising cyber risk and determining whether the specific asset should be taken down, deleted, or just monitored.


The list of identified potential attack vectors will probably be much larger than your in-house security team can handle and resolve. This is why it's essential to collect and check the context, which will allow you to easily prioritise these vectors and potential threats. Focusing on criteria like ease of exploitation, discoverability, hacker priority, and remediation speed and complexity helps ensure you prioritise the most urgent risks and prevent them one by one.


Digital transformation, moving to the cloud, distributed workforce, and the use of technologies are becoming essential features of most organisations, but they also cause continuous changes to the IT asset experience. Attack surface management services offer real-time visibility of the evolving assets' vulnerabilities, which allows companies to explicitly visualise their overall security postures.

Knowing the ratings of their assets, companies get a better understanding of the risk level of each asset. This, in turn, helps security teams to accurately and effectively manage the risk, developing new and improving risk management practices.

Attack surface management provides accurate asset inventory. The tools we use in the process help organisations to quickly explore, view, label and classify all assets.

One of the key benefits of using ASM is risk prioritisation. The amount of information any organisation’s data centres keep is huge. This is why risk prioritisation helps identify the severity of vulnerabilities of an individual asset and determine how exactly it will affect the organisation. This helps to prepare remediation action better, as the security team will be able to focus on the most vulnerable assets and then handle the least vulnerable ones. ​

We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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