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Top 10 OT Cybersecurity Companies in Abu Dhabi

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
Jan 30, 2024

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10 Top OT Cybersecurity Companies in Abu Dhabi

Digital security for operational technology (OT) is essential in safeguarding crucial infrastructure from escalating cyber threats. As industries like energy, manufacturing, and transportation increasingly integrate their OT systems with information technology (IT), the risk of online attacks grows. These systems, once isolated, are now exposed to vulnerabilities that can lead to significant disruptions, financial losses, and safety hazards.

Ensuring robust safety measures for these infrastructures is not just a precaution; it's a necessity. In response to these challenges, this article highlights the top 10 OT cybersecurity companies in Abu Dhabi, leading the charge in ensuring business continuity in the face of intense attacks.

1. Microminder CS

Microminder CS is a multinational cybersecurity and digital intelligence services provider with a team that is dedicated to delivering actionable, intelligent results and ensuring the safety of businesses globally. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in London, with additional offices in the UAE, Ireland, Netherlands, and the Middle East, we specialise in offering comprehensive digital defence solutions, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, compliance consulting, and breach and attack simulation services, to mention a few.

Aside from that, we offer OT security solutions designed to safeguard industrial environments from online threats, ensuring the steady and safe operation of critical processes. Our experts understand the unique challenges of OT settings in Abu Dhabi, so we tailor our services to cover a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, transportation, and manufacturing.

To boost your defence further, we offer specialised ICS/OT/SCADA security assessment services to protect industrial networks, devices, and production lines. In addition, we use advanced AI technology to proactively identify and prevent spyware and malware infiltration.

Also, we continuously monitor network traffic and system behaviour to detect malicious software, enabling prompt action to block potential threats. This helps maintain the integrity and functionality of systems, preventing disruptions and potential damage.

So, no need to waste time. Secure your OT infrastructure with Microminder by contacting our team today.

Headquarters: London, UK
Founded: 1984
Email Address:
Contact: +44 203-336-7200
Address: 8a Wadsworth Rd, Perivale, London, England UB6 7JD, GB
Specialisation: OT Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, and Cyber Risk Management

2. Alpha Cyber

Established with a mission to offer cutting-edge digital defence services, Alpha Cyber is dedicated to protecting company assets and information in the digital age. Its approach is about combating attackers and empowering firms with the right tools to safeguard their digital landscape.

Key offerings include Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cybersecurity Standard (ADHICS) and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), which simulates attacks to test system shields. For companies in the energy and power industry, the company offers OT security to protect power grids from attacks. Additionally, Alpha Cyber provides information protection services to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorised access.

Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Founded: N/A
Email Address:
Contact: +971 521-200-155
Address: Office 205, Total Business Center, 2nd Floor, Golden Tulip Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Specialisation: Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing, and ISO

3. C3 Automation

C3 Automation is another prominent IT/OT company based in Dubai, with its wings spread over Abu Dhabi. The firm offers firewall solutions, malware and antivirus protection, and data centre safeguards, ensuring a robust defence against diverse threats. Additionally, C3 Automation specialises in ICS system hardening, which involves fortifying networks, servers, applications, and databases against potential threats.

Furthermore, its ICS security information and event management (SIEM) service provides unique insights into specific threats, combining safety functions with operational data for a comprehensive risk perspective. This approach enables effective threat detection and response tailored to the needs of OT environments.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2002
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4299-6722
Address: C3 Automation, Office 551 and 553 East wing 5E-B, DAFZA, Dubai, DAFZA 54353, AE
Specialisation: Industrial Automation and OT Security

4. DTS Solution

With a strong presence in Abu Dhabi, DTS Solution stands out as a leading digital safety advisory, consulting, and engineering firm, specialising in comprehensive cyber defence strategies. Its approach to OT not only addresses current threats but also anticipates future challenges, ensuring resilient and secure industrial operations.

DTS Solution’s services are created to prevent both intentional and unintentional interference with industrial automation and control systems. Additionally, its blue team services focus on architecting and engineering robust online defence and protection capabilities, including network endpoint and server protection.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2011
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4338-3365
Address: Oasis Center, Suite 4, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Dubai PO BOX 128698, AE
Specialisation: ICS Cybersecurity and Manage Security

5. Help AG

Renowned for its vendor-agnostic, trustworthy, and independent approach, Help AG offers strategic consultancy combined with bespoke online protection solutions and services for companies across the Middle East. The team excels in transforming OT security into a growth enabler for organisations by offering risk assessments and strategic consulting.

Notably, Help AG secure IoT connectivity and provide total visibility of industrial networks by mapping, visualising, and assessing them end-to-end. The company's approach is distinguished by the use of locally based ethical hackers, a strong focus on discovering zero-day vulnerabilities, and a robust research and development department.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2004
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4440-5666
Address: Galleries Building 3, Jebel Ali Downtown, Jebel Ali Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 500741, AE
Specialisation: IT GRC, Web Application Firewall, Modern Malware Protection, and SIEM Solution

6. Green Method Technologies

For the past decade, Green Method Technologies has been a prominent player in the data protection domain across the Middle East and North Africa. Specialising in consulting, testing, and training, the firm has played a pivotal role in assisting two of the region's five credit card acquirers in achieving PCI DSS compliance.

Its OT security service, powered by Sectrio, provides state-of-the-art online defence for converged networks. It features superior threat intelligence, comprehensive network visibility through passive and active scanning, and built-in micro-segmentation deployable with zero downtime.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2008
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +971 4329-0898
Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Office No. 2002, Dubai, Dubai 4531, AE
Specialisation: ISO Certification, Application and IT Infrastructure Security, and Managed File Transfer

7. CPX

CPX keeps companies in the oil and gas and energy sector secure from threats. The organisation adopts a layered approach, combining physical safety controls with digital protection policies to create a comprehensive defence system. Key offerings include pipeline safeguard, access control, and wireless communication.

Its advanced digital defence tools are also adept at identifying physical safety risks and weaknesses, detecting intrusions, and minimising business disruption. Worth mentioning is CPX's commitment to harnessing the transformative power of AI while ensuring digital defence, as endorsed by the UAE Cybersecurity Council.

Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Founded: 2022
Email Address:
Contact: N/A
Address: 4th floor, Z23, Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Specialisation: Red Team Services, Cyber Resilience Services, Cloud Services, and DigitalTrust Services

8. Syscom Distributions LLC

Syscom Distributions LLC, headquartered in Dubai with an office in Abu Dhabi, is a dynamic player in the field of IT solutions and services. The company's global reach extends across the UAE, USA, UK, India, and Pakistan, showcasing its international presence and capability.

Moreover, Syscom Distributions LLC's services in the oil and gas industry include advanced wireless solutions, ensuring efficient, speedy, and secure Wi-Fi networks vital for large companies operating OT infrastructures. It also specialises in unified communications, aiding businesses in delivering services that generate new revenue streams and transform operations.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2013
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4352-2433
Address: 1st Floor, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Dubai, UAE
Specialisation: Data Storage Management and IT Infrastructure

9. Advanced Technical Solutions LLC (ATS)

Boasting over two decades of experience, Advanced Technical Solutions LLC (ATS) has a proven track record of delivering complex projects underpinned by extensive testing and expertise. Its approach includes the design of robust industrial network architectures, ensuring a secure and efficient flow of data across systems.

Key to its service is the meticulous inventory of ICS assets, which forms the foundation for enhanced safety measures. Other than this, ATS emphasises the importance of SIEM in OT environments, enabling real-time monitoring and rapid response to threats.

Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Founded: 2004
Email Address:
Contact: +971 2639-2440
Address: Abu Dhabi, Zayed The 1st st, C-88 Block A, 15th Floor
Specialisation: Energy Service, OT, and Data Networks

10. Mechsoft Technologies

Mechsoft Technologies has been a dependable technology partner since 2007 for companies in Abu Dhabi. Its services encompass a wide range of digital defence solutions, including privileged access management (PAM), SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), and VAPT services. The company excels in data centre protection, safeguarding critical IT infrastructure against online threats.

Furthermore, their solutions focus on protecting data centres, IoT, and ICS, ensuring a robust shield against unauthorised access and cyberattacks. This comprehensive approach is vital for maintaining the integrity and reliability of essential data centre operations.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2007
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4336-7725
Address: 102, Al Khaleej Building, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE
Specialisation: Fraud Prevention, Data Leakage Protection, Security Awareness Training, SOC, and SIEM

Common Cybersecurity Threats in OT Environments

Common OT safety threats include the following:

Ransomware Groups
Occurs through methods like compromising industry websites or exploiting vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures such as VPN portals.
Social engineering to acquire sensitive information by impersonating a trusted entity. Often a precursor to malware attacks.
Includes Trojans, worms, rootkits, etc., used for purposes ranging from denial of service to sabotage. Can flood networks, capture equipment activity, and alter configurations.
Supply Chain Attack
Hackers compromise the IT network of vendors, manipulating delivery processes and inserting wirelessly accessible devices into new equipment for remote operations manipulation.
Code Injection
Involves injecting code for actions like data collection or denial of service. Includes SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).
DoS (Denial of Service)
Attacks aim to prevent a system from providing its intended service due to application weaknesses or communication issues.
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
Coordinated attacks using multiple malicious programs to target specific companies or organisations, exploiting vulnerabilities and backdoors in operating systems.

For a deeper dive into the topic, explore our ultimate guide to understanding OT security.

Importance of OT Cybersecurity

Below are three reasons why implementing a robust OT defence plan is crucial.

Ensuring Operational Continuity
In sectors handling extensive inventory, stakeholder interactions, and client demands, operational disruptions can be costly. A minor breakdown can lead to significant financial losses and damage client relationships. Safeguarding your OT systems plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless, uninterrupted operations because it helps maintain the flow of business processes, preventing costly downtimes and preserving client trust.

Preventing Attacks on Industrial Systems
The integration of IoT, sensors, and third-party software expands the attack surface of industrial operations. Cyberattacks targeting these complex systems can result in substantial financial damages. OT protection combats these threats through a network of solutions, including firewalls, anti-malware software, and intrusion prevention systems. These measures, along with asset and patch management and vulnerability analysis, fortify the infrastructure against online threats.

Prevention From Data Breaches and Privacy Infringement
With the rise in breaches, keeping your OT assets safe offers critical advantages like secure access and encrypted data backups. These efforts strengthen the defence against backdoor access and data breaches. Plus, OT security involves policy-driven approaches to data privacy, ensuring that industrial and client data are handled responsibly and safely. This comprehensive approach to defence not only safeguards sensitive information but also upholds the integrity and trustworthiness of the enterprise in the face of increasing attacks.

OT Cybersecurity Best Practices

Implementing robust digital defence practices is essential to maintaining a secure environment. Here are key best practices to consider:

Best Practice
Know Your Assets
  • Involves gaining complete visibility of the OT infrastructure by discovering all devices, understanding network topologies, and identifying safety standards.
  • Essential for knowing what assets exist and how they interact.

Network Segmentation and Isolation
  • Dividing the OT network into smaller, manageable segments for easier monitoring and auditing.
  • Implementing least-privilege and zero-trust principles to grant access only to necessary and authorised personnel.
  • Grouping similar resources and controlling third-party access for enhanced security.
Threat Prevention
  • Focusing on early detection and prevention of threats.
  • Utilising advanced vulnerability prevention tools, systems for false-positive error notifications, and modern machine learning-based behavioural detection technologies.
  • Continually updating these strategies for improved resilience and integrity of industrial systems.

Utilising advanced vulnerability prevention tools, systems for false-positive error notifications, and modern machine learning-based behavioural detection technologies.

Continually updating these strategies for improved resilience and integrity of industrial systems.


The top OT cybersecurity companies in Abu Dhabi featured in this article play a pivotal role in safeguarding critical infrastructure and industrial systems against digital threats. These firms, with their cutting-edge technologies and specialised expertise, provide robust defence solutions tailored to the unique needs of industrial environments. They not only protect valuable data and assets but also contribute immensely to the stability and growth of the economy. 

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