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Top 5 Pen Testing Companies in New Jersey, USA

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
May 01, 2023

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Top 5 Pen Testing Companies in New Jersey, USA

What are the best pen testing service providers in New Jersey? Where can I find a certified penetration tester in New Jersey? What are the various penetration testing services offered by pen testing companies in New Jersey?

If you have a company and you want to improve your cyber security posture, asking these questions is necessary to find the right pen testing firm to partner with. Of course, the importance of finding the most suitable penetration testing company cannot be overemphasised.

From offering cost-effective services to testing a wide range of IT infrastructures and providing remediation on fixing vulnerabilities, a good pen tester will make it work for you. That is why this article provides a list of the five best penetration testing companies in NJ, USA.

Are you ready to partner with the best penetration testing company in the industry? At Microminder, we provide comprehensive pen test services to help you improve your company's security posture.

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What Is Penetration Testing?

Pen testing is a strategy used by companies to protect their IT infrastructure against internal and external threats by identifying them before attackers can exploit them. The pen tester will mimic hackers and try to find vulnerabilities, flaws, risks and malicious content in your company's system, network and web apps to determine whether they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Aside from that, penetration testing also involves assessing all the risks identified and providing ways to remediate them.

What Are the Various Types of Penetration Testing?

There are various types of pen testing. They include:

  1. Network service pen testing.This is one of the most common pen tests performed to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your company's network infrastructure, such as servers, switchers, printers, firewalls and workstations. Network penetration testing is performed to protect you from network-based attacks like router attacks, DNS level attacks, IPS/IDS evasion attacks and SSH attacks.

  2. Web app penetration testing.This pen test is used to identify security weaknesses in web applications, browsers, databases, source code, back-end networks and plugins.

  3. Wireless penetration testing.It involves testing the wireless network you use for your business and all the devices connected to it. The pen tester will test devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and other IoT devices.

  4. Social engineering penetration testing. In social engineering, the pen tester will test the preparedness of your employees against attempts by malicious actors to steal sensitive information. Common social engineering attacks tested for include phishing attacks, tailgating and eavesdropping.

How Often Should You Do Penetration Testing?

When and how often should a company do pen testing? The answer depends on several factors, which include:

  1. Change in your company's structure
    Businesses grow over time. And such growth can be in the form of changes in staff members, business processes and the technology used to run the company. If your company has undergone major changes recently, you should get a penetration testing company to conduct a detailed pen test to identify security weaknesses in your IT infrastructures.

  2. Changes in the environment
    Cybersecurity is evolving because attackers are getting smarter, innovating new ways to intrude into networks and exploit security weaknesses.

    That is why it is crucial to perform penetration testing if there are major changes in the techniques attackers use to exploit businesses.

  3. To be compliant
    To stay compliant is another reason why businesses must do penetration testing regularly. That is why regulatory bodies like HIPAA and PCI DSS encourage businesses to test regularly to comply with regulations.

5 Best Penetration Testing Companies in NJ

Microminder Cybersecurity

1. Microminder Cybersecurity

Microminder is a cybersecurity firm that provides offensive and defensive security-based solutions for companies of all sizes. Our team includes innovators, advisors and strategists with a proven record of creating cutting-edge security solutions to boost your business security posture.

We provide bespoke pen testing, vulnerability assessment, insider threat monitoring, supply chain security, dark web monitoring, red teaming and cloud security posture management.

Our pen testing services are comprehensive and cover various techniques and technologies, including web applications, mobile apps, network systems, wireless networks, social engineering and client-side programmes.

Also, we help businesses in different industries, including finance, e-commerce, legal, logistics, fintech, aviation, insurance and oil and gas. Talk to one of our experts today to learn how we can help your business stay secure.

EC-Council Global Services

2. EC-Council Global Services

EC-Council Global Services operates in more than 140 countries and adopts industry-proven technologies and standards, including OWASP, CREST and OSSTMM and manual pen testing to ensure the highest level of quality.

EGS can help safeguard your company with a comprehensive security posture assessment that includes local pen testing in New Jersey with highly skilled and experienced pen testers.

Its pen testing services cover different industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, banking and finance. Also, it covers a wide range of technologies and techniques, such as:

  • Intelligence-led red teaming
  • Blue teaming
  • Purple teaming
  • Cloud penetration testing
  • Mobile penetration testing
  • Web application testing
  • IoT penetration testing
  • Social engineering
On-Site Technology

3. On-Site Technology

On-Site Technology is an IT consulting firm launched in 2002 that delivers comprehensive security solutions for clients in various industries.

Its goal is to provide IT infrastructure and support to companies without the budget to employ permanent in-house staff. Industries covered include manufacturing, education, government sectors and non-profit organisations.

On-Site Technology pen testing services include various techniques such as risk summary, security posture analysis, risk findings and remediation guidance, vulnerability identification and remediation, quality attack impacts and security scorecard reporting.

Also, it covers a wide range of technology, including internal and external networks, wireless networks, web apps, mobile apps, physical devices and social engineering.


4. Mindcore

Mindcore is a New Jersey cybersecurity and pen testing company that tests your security systems to identify and evaluate potential risks and vulnerabilities. It has helped finance, legal, insurance, manufacturing, medical and marketing businesses secure their IT infrastructure.

Mindcore’s penetration testing process is divided into three stages. Its experts will first scan your IT infrastructure (web and mobile apps, databases, wireless devices, and internal and external networks) for vulnerabilities that risk your data.

Afterwards, the experts will develop a detailed report of the findings to help you make analytical decisions. Once your company reviews the report, its experts will resolve the issues and rerun the pen test to ensure all vulnerabilities are fully solved.

Ascendant Technologies

5. Ascendant Technologies

Ascendant Technologies, Inc., is a cybersecurity firm that performs pen testing in New Jersey to help businesses identify and fix weaknesses in their IT systems.

Ascendant’s familiarity with cybersecurity makes it easy for its team to perform a comprehensive pen test and support your team in implementing new security tactics to ensure the best results.

The team assess your security risk in four steps:

  • Creating a scope. The team will gather information about your network and all connected devices.

  • Assessing vulnerability. Ascendant pen testers will try to find weaknesses in your network.

  • Exploiting your network. If the team finds weaknesses or vulnerabilities, it will attempt to gain access like real-world hackers.

  • Reporting and analysing. The team will write a detailed report describing your network's vulnerabilities and how to fix them.


Penetration testing helps you protect your company's data from attackers, build trust with your customers and stay compliant with regulations.

You should hire a pen testing company to scan your IT systems for vulnerabilities regularly because attackers are becoming smarter using the latest technology and techniques to exploit vulnerabilities.

Also, if you hire new employees or expand your company, conducting pen tests will ensure you are safe.

Are you ready to partner with the best penetration testing company in the industry? Talk to our experts today, and let's secure your IT infrastructure.

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