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10 Best OT Cybersecurity Services in Sharjah

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
Jan 30, 2024

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10 Best OT Cybersecurity Services in Sharjah

Selecting the top Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity services in Sharjah is crucial, especially for companies who want to safeguard critical infrastructure against evolving threats. This article explores 10 leading providers, focusing on their unique strengths and how they tailor their services to address the growing needs of industries needing comprehensive OT security. Our goal is to guide you in choosing a service that not only fortifies your industrial environment but also aligns with your organisational objectives.

1. Microminder

At Microminder, we pride ourselves on being a next-generation cybersecurity firm trusted by over 2500 organisations since 1984. Our team, being CREST and ISO27001 accredited, specialises in implementing modern security solutions across a range of industries, from fintech to manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and aviation, to mention a few.

As part of our digital defence services, we provide OT security to safeguard industrial environments from online threats and ensure the safe operation of critical processes. Our offerings also include infrastructure penetration testing services, where our experts simulate real-life attacks on your network devices to help identify vulnerabilities, ensuring your business is safeguarded against cybercrime.

In addition to that, we offer Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) for organisations seeking top-tier online defence capabilities without the burden of managing an in-house team. Our service is efficient in threat detection and remediation and tailored to grow your business.

Choosing Microminder means opting for a partner with decades of experience, a commitment to delivering actionable intelligence results, and a suite of services tailored to your unique needs. So, are you ready to embark on your digital defence journey? Contact our team today.

Headquarters: London, UK
Founded: 1984
Email Address:
Contact: +44 203-336-7200
Address: 8a Wadsworth Rd, Perivale, London, England UB6 7JD, GB
Specialisation: OT Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, Cyber Risk Management 

2. Cyber Guard

With a focus on complete protection against cyber attackers and data destruction, Cyber Guard caters to a diverse range of organisations in Sharjah. Its Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services are a cornerstone of its offerings. This is pivotal for identifying potential weaknesses within IT and OT infrastructures, making it a popular choice for businesses at risk of attack.

Another of its services includes privileged access management to keep sensitive networks and systems safe from potential breaches. Cyber Guard also provides actionable recommendations for the resolution of threats. This comprehensive approach guarantees protection against current and emerging challenges.

Headquarters: Sharjah UAE
Founded: N/A
Email Address:
Contact: +971 528-280-650
Address: Majaz1 , Sharjah UAE
Specialisation: Privilege Access Management, VAPT

3. Beta Information Technology

Beta Information Technology is renowned for its industry-leading team, which is adept at using productivity tools. They excel in field mobility, online scheduling, automated key performance indicators (KPIs), and quality assurance. Their geographical spread enhances service times, supported by advanced remote access models to tackle challenges.

Their services also include Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), compromise assessments, incident response, and application safety assessment. Plus, Beta Information Technology offers Industrial Control Systems (ICS) protection, red team assessments, and simulated phishing attacks to safeguard firms in the region.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 1976
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4706-1111
Address: 12th Floor, Al Gurg Tower-1, Baniyass Rd 85, St 6B, Riggat Al Buteen, Dubai, Dubai 19085, UAE
Specialisation: ICS/OT, Network, Cloud Security 

4. Precast FZCO

Precast FZCO, a leader in industrial automation, has been operating in the MENA region for over 13 years. With a team of over 30 and serving around 1200 clients, they specialise in providing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Their online protection offerings include industrial penetration testing and assessing susceptibilities in networks with PLCs, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and industrial IoT.

Furthermore, its industrial security assessment aligns with frameworks like NIST and NERC, ensuring robust safety compliance policy. Precast FZCO also offers advanced OT firewalls and segmentation, which are crucial for protecting ICS from online threats.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 2005
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4204-5344
Address: Dubai Airport Free Zone, United Arab Emirates East Wing, Building 4E
Specialisation: Technical Services, Support, Training, Consultancy 

5. C3 Automation

C3 Automation designs robust industrial network architectures to ensure OT networks for ICS are secure against both internal and external threats. This approach is essential as factories become increasingly automated and reliant on networks and computer systems.

In addition to this, it offers backup and restore capabilities for all OT/ICS systems to enable industries to get back to full production in the event of an incident. C3 Automation is also committed to securing industrial networks and systems with tailored solutions, ensuring clients are protected against evolving online threats.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 2002
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4299-6722
Address: C3 Automation, Office 551& 553 East Wing 5E-B, DAFZA, Dubai, DAFZA 54353, AE
Specialisation: OT/ICS Cybersecurity 

6. Intertec Systems

With capabilities in AI, digital customer services, and IT and IoT security, Intertec Systems drives companies toward a smarter, sustainable future. Established in 1991, it is an award-winning global IT solutions and services provider for companies in various sectors, including healthcare, public sector, energy, retail, and financial services.

Specialising in digital transformation, online defence, sustainability, and cloud services, Intertec Systems has achieved a 90% client satisfaction rate. Other than this, the company’s services in safeguarding OT are pivotal for utility enterprises facing challenges in energy and water demand, waste reduction, and carbon emission lowering.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 1991
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4447-9444
Address: Level 2, Sobha Sapphire, Business Bay, Dubai, Dubai 27130, AE
Specialisation: Network, Cloud, CRM


With a focus on training and awareness, PBOSECURE equips industries with the ability and skills to maintain robust cyber defences in an increasingly complex digital landscape. The company's expertise lies in ICS, where it has adapted to the evolving landscape of interconnected systems, overcoming traditional technological barriers.

PBOSECURE provides ICS risk assessment, design, and vulnerability checks, employing tools like NOZOMI for asset discovery and protection. Their services also extend to intrusion detection, data loss prevention, and SIEM integration, leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like Fortinet, Tripwire, and Symantec.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: N/A
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4392-9434
Address: 21st Floor 2107, Iris Bay, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, P.O.Box: 343118
Specialisation: ICS Security 


With a team of highly trained digital defence engineers, OTIFYD excels in delivering pen testing and vulnerability assessment for OT assets, including ICS and SCADA. This process is crucial for safeguarding the networks and systems used to control power grids and water treatment plants.

Other than this, their regulatory compliance service supports organisations in meeting cybersecurity regulations, using a risk-based approach to ensure web-based resilience and compliance. OTIFYD's services cater to various industries, including power, oil and gas, manufacturing, and healthcare, ensuring each sector's unique needs are met effectively.

Headquarters: London, UK (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 2022
Email Address:
Contact: +44 207-030-4005
Address: 64 Nile Street, International House, London, England N1 7SR, GB
Specialisation: OT Consultant, Industrial Security

9. Arista Middle East

With over 100 years of collective experience, the Arista Middle East team of technocrats assists SMBs, governments, and large corporations in achieving full protection from cyber attacks. Its IoT protection services enhance online resilience, which is crucial for protecting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and SCADA systems.

Aside from that, Arista Middle East's comprehensive VAPT services focus on testing ICS resilience to breaches. Their approach enables informed decisions on operational compliance and risk management related to ICS protection and asset life cycle management.

Headquarters: Doha, Qatar (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: N/A
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +974 5038-9455
Address: Free Zone, Office 62, Ras Bufontas Admin Building Building 43, Street 517, Zone 49, Doha, Qatar
Specialisation: OT Security, VAPT

10. Aujas Cybersecurity

Although headquartered in New Jersey, Aujas Cybersecurity has an office in Sharjah, where it caters to its clients in the UAE. Its expertise extends to designing, implementing, and sustaining customised digital defence programs to align seamlessly with business goals. For organisations that want to safeguard their OT assets, it focuses on securing industrial systems and networks and mitigating malware infections and ransomware attacks.

Other services include firewalls and network architecture review, security risk assessment, and continuous threat management services. In addition, Aujas Cybersecurity offers integrated compliance management services, harmonising compliance controls and simplifying assessments.

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA (Serving Sharjah)
Founded: 2008
Email Address:
Contact: +1(201) 2-0633-4745
Address: 2500, Plaza 5, Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, NJ 07311, United States of America
Specialisation: Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Code Signing, Threat Management, Third Party Risk Management

Difference Between IT and OT Security

With the merging of information technology (IT) and OT, ensuring the safety of these systems is vital for managing critical operations. Hence, it is pivotal to differentiate between the two. To this end, the table below highlights the differences between information technology (IT) and OT.

Primary Focus
Protects data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Ensures the safety, reliability, and availability of ICS and physical processes.

Primarily deals with data in digital form across networks, servers, and computers.
Involves managing and securing physical devices and processes like manufacturing plants, energy grids, and transportation systems.
Threat Landscape
Faces risks like data breaches, hacking, phishing, and malware attacks.
Threats include disruption of physical operations, equipment damage, and safety risks.
Compliance and Standards
Governed by standards like ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA.
Adheres to industry-specific standards such as IEC 62443, NERC CIP, and ISA 99.
Security Measures
Emphasises firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, and secure access controls.
Focuses on network segmentation, access controls specific to physical devices, and continuous monitoring of system performance.
Risk Management
Risks are often data-centric, concerning data loss, corruption, or unauthorised access.
Risks are associated with operational downtime, equipment failure, and safety hazards.
Response Strategies
Focuses on data recovery and information system restoration.
Prioritises immediate physical safety and continuity of operations.

OT Cybersecurity Standards

Below are some of the OT security compliance regulations standards in critical industries:

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF): Created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the NIST CSF offers a set of best practices and recommendations for safety. It employs a straightforward model with five core functions: Identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Hence, this framework helps organisations structure their online defence approach, ensuring they can effectively identify risks, protect systems, detect anomalies, respond to incidents, and recover from attacks.

NIST SP 800-82: This publication provides an in-depth guide to keeping processes safe. It covers the essentials of OT systems, including typical topologies, prevalent threats, vulnerabilities, and recommended safety countermeasures. The guide is instrumental in understanding the unique aspects of OT environments and how to mitigate associated risks.

ISA99/IEC 62443: A collaborative effort between the International Society of Automation (ISA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), this series of standards focuses on securing industrial automation and control systems. It outlines methods for risk assessment, secure component development, network architecture design, and evaluating the maturity level of security requirements.

NERC CIP: The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) standards are crucial for power utility operators in the United States and neighbouring countries. NERC CIP includes a set of requirements for reporting and audit compliance aimed at enhancing system-level digital defence in the power utility sector.

EU NIS/NIS2 Directive: This directive represents digital safety legislation across the European Union, aiming to strengthen the defence and resilience of critical infrastructures. It encompasses safety requirements, reporting obligations, and supervisory measures to ensure a high level of network and information system security across EU member states.

All these standards play a pivotal role in safeguarding critical infrastructure from online threats, ensuring the continuity and reliability of essential services in various sectors, including energy, manufacturing, and transportation.

Best Practices for Comprehensive OT Cybersecurity

To ensure robust protection of your OT assets, here are some best practices to follow:

Best Practice
Limiting Interaction Between IT and OT Networks
Establish an Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ) with firewalls to control access and prevent direct traffic flow between corporate and OT networks.
Comprehensive OT Asset Inventory
Maintain a detailed inventory of OT assets to identify risks, such as software vulnerabilities and unauthorised access points, ensuring clear visibility for security monitoring.
Network Segmentation in OT Environments
Segment OT networks into smaller, trusted zones as recommended by ISA/IEC-62443 standards to limit communication between assets and contain potential breaches. Consider software-based segmentation for flexibility without extra hardware.
Implementing Zero-Trust for Remote Access
Utilise Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions for remote management, granting access based on user identity and context while dynamically adapting trust levels, instead of relying solely on VPNs within the IDMZ
Unified Vision Across IT and OT
Integrate OT security within the organisational defence framework to monitor and respond to threats across both IT and OT domains for comprehensive protection.
Preparation and Training
Engage in regular training on online safety best practices, test defences, develop response strategies, and conduct simulation exercises to ensure preparedness for any security incident.


Sharjah's landscape for OT cybersecurity services is both diverse and dynamic, offering robust solutions tailored to the unique needs of its industrial sectors. The various providers featured in this article stand out for their comprehensive approach, blending advanced technology with deep industry expertise. These companies not only safeguard critical infrastructure against evolving threats but also ensure operational continuity and compliance with international standards. Hence, for businesses, choosing the right OT cybersecurity in Sharjah is a pivotal decision, one that will fortify their defences in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

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