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10 Best Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
Jul 01, 2023

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The surge in cyber attacks is unparalleled, making pen testing increasingly indispensable for businesses keen on maintaining security. Nonetheless, not all are equally effective. This is due to the expertise and methods adopted by the company conducting the assessment, which is paramount. Thus, choosing a reputable firm that employs state-of-the-art tools and techniques and understands the distinct safety challenges pertinent to your business industry is vital. With this in mind, we have curated a list of Germany's 10 best penetration testing companies. Without further delay, let us immerse ourselves in the particulars!

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

1. Microminder Cyber Security

Headquarters: Greenford, UK (serving Germany)

Microminder is a CREST-accredited cybersecurity company in the UK known for providing offensive and defensive security to keep businesses safe. As your reliable ally, we offer extensive services to protect you from the burgeoning risks of online threats. Our team, comprising innovators, consultants, and strategists, have proven track records of creating top-tier solutions for companies of all sizes worldwide. They specialise in performing thorough white, black, and grey box tests and providing practical suggestions to aid you in rectifying weaknesses to bolster your defences.

Our experts will assess your company's security posture by working with you to pinpoint and mitigate any weaknesses in your digital assets before attackers exploit them. We also help deploy the right technologies and supervise your organisation's compliance with relevant online safety regulations. This is why companies, from startups to large corporations, seek our advice to traverse complex and compliance-driven infrastructure challenges.

In our commitment to delivering superior services, we continuously keep pace with the current technology and stay ahead of attackers to understand their tactics. With Microminder as your partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're always a few steps ahead of potential cyber criminals.

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Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

2. SySS GmbH

Headquarters: Tübingen, Germany

SySS GmbH, based in Germany, is a market leader in penetration testing, an intrinsic service to the company since its inception in 1998. They are noteworthy for their meticulous approach and high-quality work, making them a trusted partner in safeguarding IT infrastructures. SySS’s experts are adept at various attack methods and continuously update their skills. They support their clients in clarifying acute security incidents and gathering data, including the backup and analysis of digital traces after an attack. Additionally, SySS provides technical consulting, digital forensics, red teaming, and training.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

3. Pentest24

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Another company that specialises in cloud pen testing solutions for the safety of businesses in Germany is Pentest24. With its web apps and mobile app vulnerability checks, the team employs cutting-edge techniques to identify and address security flaws. Its experienced professionals conduct manual assessments and automated scans to minimise attack vectors. Moreover, Pentest24 is renowned for its economic plans, offering quality services at fair prices. Their solutions are highly customisable and compatible with CI/CD pipelines, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

4. Pentest Factory GmbH

Headquarters: Geldern, Germany

Pentest Factory GmbH specialises in penetration testing and security assessments. With its easy-to-use configurator, clients can receive customised offers that include a statement of services and costs. Additionally, Pentest Factory follows internationally recognised standards to identify vulnerabilities, check the effectiveness of safety measures, and increase resilience against cyber threats. The company is also ISO 27001 certified, reflecting its commitment to helping firms stay protected from threats. With their configurator, clients can set up tests suited to their needs and maintain full control over the costs.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

5. 8com

Headquarters: Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany

This renowned company has over 17 years of experience safeguarding digital infrastructures across more than 40 countries. 8com is particularly acclaimed for its penetration testing services that help businesses in Germany stay protected. It offers Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), which continuously identifies and handles susceptibilities, significantly enhancing safety against cyber attacks. Additionally, they provide Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), ensuring proactive 24/7 threat detection and rapid responses against threats. 8com is committed to providing tailored IT security strategies, transparent consulting, and intensive support from experienced professionals.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

6. binsec GmbH

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

binsec GmbH is a consulting firm that specialises in protecting businesses in Germany. Established in 2013, the company is renowned for its team of certified experts who conduct comprehensive penetration tests on IT infrastructures, web applications, and mobile apps. Their methodology is organised and based on relevant standards and publications, including the OWASP Testing Guide and the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). binsec's services are not limited to identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities; they also evaluate the associated risks and compile detailed reports for IT management. Furthermore, they offer re-examination at no additional charge, ensuring their clients' systems remain secure.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

7. Legacy Technologies GmbH

Headquarters: Hanover, Germany

Legacy Technologies GmbH is a cybersecurity company that takes pride in delivering a range of services to ensure the safety of their clients' information systems. Among them is penetration testing, which involves assessing the defence of web applications and networks by simulating cyber attacks. Legacy Technologies also provides consultations, asset inventory, red teaming, software development, and training. They emphasise the importance of sensitising employees and ensuring that critical information is communicated effectively.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany


Headquarters: Eschborn, Germany

This firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive information security management with an expert team that analyses and responds to current and future online threats. DIESEC offers various services, including penetration testing, red teaming, data protection, IT forensics, and social engineering. The company employs highly skilled and experienced teams globally, holding prestigious IT security certifications. DIESEC is committed to end-to-end data protection, employee training, and compliance, ensuring the highest data safety standards for organisations.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

9. ProSec

Headquarters: Polch, Germany

Another company that helps secure the digital infrastructure of organisations in Germany is ProSec. They employ ethical hacking techniques and are known for their pragmatic attitude to fighting cybercrime. It offers penetration testing to safeguard businesses against cyber threats. ProSec’s team also focuses on social engineering, where human manipulation is key to breaches. Their examiners are certified professionals who adopt a holistic IT security approach, ensuring no vulnerability goes unnoticed.

Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies in Germany

10. SEC Consult

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria (with offices in Germany)

This IT security firm helps companies in Germany stay protected from online threats. SEC Consult has an impressive clientele comprising government bodies, international organisations, and industry leaders. They offer an array of services, including penetration testing, to evaluate and bolster the system's defence. Through an initial consultation, their experts help clients define the scope and depth of the scan. SEC Consult tailors the scan to the client's needs and executes them in black, white, or grey box environments. Their comprehensive approach ensures that clients are well-prepared to tackle cyber threats and can act decisively in real-world scenarios.

What Is Penetration Testing?

This is a simulated cyber attack where ethical hackers attempt to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or network to identify weak spots in its defences.

Types of Pen Testing

  • Open Box: This approach is also known as white box testing, where the examiner has all the necessary information about the system, including network diagrams, source code, and other relevant data. It emulates an insider attack, where the intruder knows the target.
  • Closed Box: The ethical hacker has no prior knowledge of the system. This simulates an external attack and is useful for examining how well the system can defend against unknown threats.
  • Covert: This assessment involves only a few people within the organisation being aware of the process. It is useful for checking incident response capabilities.
  • External: It targets the company’s externally facing technology, such as websites, DNS, and email servers. The examiner performs this scan remotely, simulating an attack from outside the organisation.
  • Internal: The ethical hacker performs the check within the firm’s internal network. This is particularly useful for understanding what an insider with malicious intent or an external threat actor who has already gained network access could accomplish.

Each type of testing offers unique insights and is chosen based on the specific security objectives of the organisation.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Enhanced security measures: Pen testing is instrumental in fortifying digital assets. By simulating cyber attacks, it uncovers weak points in the system. This invaluable insight enables firms to take preemptive measures to bolster their security, significantly diminishing the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.
  • Safeguarding sensitive data: Another benefit is protecting sensitive data. Firms often handle a plethora of confidential information, including customer data. Ensuring the safety of this data is not only ethically imperative but also crucial in maintaining trust and credibility amongst clients and stakeholders.
  • Regulatory compliance and avoiding fines: It assists firms in adhering to regulatory standards. Various regulations mandate stringent safety protocols to safeguard user information and can result in hefty fines and legal repercussions if businesses don't comply. This ensures that organisations meet these standards, thus circumventing potential penalties.
  • Preserving brand reputation: A security breach can affect your reputation. Clients and partners may lose trust in the firm's ability to safeguard data, which can lead to a loss of business. Pen test helps in averting data breaches, thereby preserving the brand's reputation and customer loyalty.
  • Cost-effective risk management: While penetration testing requires an initial investment, it is considerably more economical in the long run. The financial ramifications of a data breach can be monumental, including fines, loss of business, and the price of remediation. A pen test is a proactive approach that helps identify and rectify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, thus serving as a cost-effective risk management strategy.


Pen testing is essential for protecting sensitive business data, maintaining reputation, and complying with regulatory requirements. Moreover, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are secure against cyber threats enables you to focus on growth and innovation, free from the constant worry of security breaches. If you are searching for a company that provides exceptional penetration testing services customised to your needs, Microminder is an excellent choice. Why not get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss your project? Schedule a call, and let us assist you.

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