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Dammam's Leading OT Security Specialists

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
May 10, 2024

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Dammam's Leading OT Security Specialists

Over the past few years, the security of Operational Technology (OT) has been severely tested by escalating digital threats, debunking the earlier belief that these systems were immune to attacks.

The risks of extensive disruption, financial blackmail, and severe reputational damage render OT companies and organisations prime targets for cybercriminal activities. Notably, the TRITON malware attack on a Saudi Arabian petrochemical plant in 2017 [1] highlighted the devastating consequences of such breaches.

This makes it essential for firms in Dammam to adopt the right online defence techniques for ultimate protection, necessitating the need to select the right cybersecurity specialist. This article simplifies this by guiding you through the leading OT security specialists in Dammam and highlighting their various services. 

1. Microminder

At Microminder, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of comprehensive digital security and intelligence services. That is why we have been safeguarding the OT and IT systems of small and large enterprises for over four decades. Our team is composed of certified security experts with multi-industry experience who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance.
To ensure operational continuity, our team provides OT security assessment services that leverage advanced AI technology to proactively detect and thwart the infiltration of spyware and malware. We achieve this through the continuous monitoring of network traffic and system behaviour to swiftly identify and neutralise potential attacks.
Furthermore, our services provide solutions to the numerous challenges businesses face, such as:

Skills shortage: With our 24/7/365 assistance backed by robust SLAs, we ensure full coverage and continuous protection, addressing the skills gap effectively.

Resource constraints: Our AI-led technology and expert-driven offerings allow firms to achieve optimum performance without the constraints of time and resources.

Lack of expertise: We enhance your safety and compliance operations, eliminating the need for extensive new hires or unnecessary expenditures.

Compliance: Our experts align your strategies with specific OT cybersecurity frameworks, including NERC CIP, NIST 800-82, ISO 27019, and ISA/IEC 62443, to improve your defence posture effectively.

Choosing Microminder means partnering with specialists who not only understand your needs but also anticipate future challenges, keeping your operations secure and compliant. Contact our team today.
Headquarters: London, UK
Founded: 1984
Email Address:
Contact: +44 203-336-7200
Address: 8a Wadsworth Rd, Perivale, London, England UB6 7JD, GB
Specialisation: OT Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, SOC

2. Watad Energy

Watad Energy's technique involves a thorough analysis of an enterprise's OT/ICS assets to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring continuous operational integrity and resilience against disruptions. Moreover, the company's team of security experts dedicates itself to identifying risks that could impact industrial systems and crafting tailored strategies that go beyond conventional digital defence measures. This proactive stance fortifies systems against known security weaknesses.

Headquarters: Khobar, Saudi Arabia (Serving Dammam)
Founded: 2013
Email Address:
Contact: +966 138-870-349
Address: King Saud St., FEMCO Tower, 3rd Floor, Al Safa District, Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Specialisation: Industrial Automation, OT Defence

3. Cyberani

Cyberani's approach includes a series of rigorous online defence assessments designed to proactively uncover susceptibilities within operational or digital frameworks. Key areas of its offerings, such as OT security, cyber resilience, and compliance, are pivotal in preempting potential breaches. Additionally, Cyberani’s OT engineering and digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) strategies reinforce the infrastructure against potential threats. Hence, in the event of attacks, the team mobilises its incident response capabilities, utilising the expertise of its specialists and advanced technology to manage disruptions effectively.

Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Serving Dammam)
Founded: N/A
Email Address:
Contact: +966 135-122-600
Address: Laysen Valley, King Khalid Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Specialisation: Managed Detection, OT Engineering

4. Infratech

With the help of its team, Infratech conducts comprehensive asset discovery and monitoring to pinpoint and supervise OT assets, whether they are operational or dormant. This initiative ensures all assets are accounted for and under surveillance. The company also helps organisations manage susceptibilities by accelerating the identification process to reduce the window of attack. In other words, Infratech integrates advanced anti-malware programs that fortify systems against digital threats, adding another layer of protection to existing defences. This comprehensive strategy makes sure that all facets of industrial system security are robust and resilient.

Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Serving Dammam)
Founded: 2012
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +966 920-009-988
Address: Office # 08, 1st Floor, Altawon Center, Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, Riyadh, 11564, SA
Specialisation: IT Infrastructure, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity

5. Joushen

Joushen enhances a business's overall OT security through comprehensive end-to-end services, adhering to recognised industry standards and leading practices, including ISA 62443, the NIST cybersecurity framework, the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) regulatory framework, NERC-CIP, and ISO 27000. The firm integrates strategic awareness programs and resilience planning to fortify organisations against attacks. This strategy, combined with their offerings in virtual CISO services and specialised programs for SMBs, reflects a commitment to adaptability and strategic foresight in online defence.

Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Serving Dammam)
Founded: 2019
Email Address:
Contact: +966 545-504-616
Address: Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh 13414, SA
Specialisation: OT/IoT, CISO

6. Sada Thalate

For enterprises in Dammam needing IT/OT protection, Sada Thalate's offerings include solutions for network and endpoint security, data loss prevention, and identity access management, along with threat intelligence. Its certified team employs state-of-the-art technologies to strengthen clients' digital infrastructures against attacks. Furthermore, within industrial services, the company stands as a trusted partner across manufacturing, equipment installation, fabrication, mechanical engineering, and automation. Simply put, its expert services ensure increased operational efficiency, safety, and dependability in diverse sectors.

Headquarters: Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia (Serving Dammam)
Founded: 2007
Email Address:
Contact: +966 50 699 2667
Address: Al Dana Center, 3rd Floor Office 305 and 305A, Opp to KIMS, Al-Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Specialisation: IT Services, Cybersecurity, ERP, Software

7. Fast Digital Technology (FDT)

Fast Digital Technology or FDT’s services are critical for organisations in the energy and utilities sector looking to mitigate risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect industrial infrastructure. Central to the firm's approach, they implement robust identity and access management (IAM) strategies, which are vital for managing user identities and making sure that only approved personnel can access sensitive data, effectively guarding against unauthorised breaches. Additionally, the company's vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) initiatives identify and remedy susceptibilities within industrial systems to minimise the risk of cyber threats.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
Founded: 2018
Email Address:
Contact: +966 566-193-068
Address: Fast Digital Technology Sada Business Center Complex, Office 117, First Floor, 31 Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Specialisation: VAPT, IAM

8. Intertec

As an esteemed partner for enterprises in Dammam, Intertec has consistently achieved a 90% client satisfaction rate, demonstrating its role as a trusted extension of its clients' teams. They help address complex challenges across a diverse range of sectors. For instance, in the utility sector, Intertec secures industrial assets through cutting-edge OT, IT, and IoT solutions. The company's strong security infrastructure, coupled with over 50 Tier-1 technology partnerships, shared services, and Security Operations Centres (SOCs), positions it as one of the best OT security companies in Saudi Arabia.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
Founded: 1991
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4447-9444
Address: Level 2, Sobha Sapphire, Business Bay, Dubai, Dubai 27130, AE
Specialisation: ICS Protection, Network, Cloud, CRM

9. Arista Middle East

 Arista Middle East emerges as another top option for ICS asset management and OT cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia, assisting firms in Dammam to remain secure. Its audit and assessment practices demonstrate a focus on precision and data-driven decisions, targeting both risk reduction and compliance with stringent regulatory frameworks. Beyond digital defence, they actively monitor and manage asset health, guaranteeing operational continuity and resilience against emerging threats. In addition, Arista Middle East integrates proactive threat detection with strategic response plans, underscoring its commitment to industrial safety.

Headquarters: Doha, Qatar (Serving Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
Founded: N/A
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +974 5038-9455
Address: Free Zone, Office 62, Ras Bufontas Admin Building Building 43, Street 517, Zone 49, Doha, Qatar
Specialisation: ICS Security, VAPT

10. Wattlecorp

Established in 2018, Wattlecorp helps organisations secure ICS/SCADA systems. The team carries out this process starting with the meticulous discovery and mapping of all assets, which is followed by a detailed vulnerability assessment using the latest tools to pinpoint weaknesses. Afterwards, penetration testing is conducted to evaluate the actual impact of these susceptibilities. Wattlecorp’s approach culminates in a detailed report that outlines effective remediation strategies. It also offers OT threat hunting that includes assessing and identifying risks, enforcing robust safety measures, including network segmentation and access control, and managing system patches.

Headquarters: Kerala, India (Serving Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
Founded: 2018
Email Address:
Contact: +918 289-885-662
Address: Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs, Riyadh 11312, Saudi Arabia
Specialisation: Penetration Testing, Server Hardening, Compliance Management

OT Security Best Practices

OT plays a critical role in supporting ICS across multiple sectors, including energy production, water supply, manufacturing, and transportation. In recent times, the increasing adoption of edge computing has led to the integration of OT devices with IT networks, thus transforming them into powerful endpoints for IoT and industrial IoT applications.

However, this also exposes them to a wide range of digital threats that could have catastrophic consequences, even leading to fatal outcomes in some cases. Hence, to mitigate these risks, organisations must prioritise OT security and enforce adequate measures to protect their assets from cyber-attacks. This involves adopting best practices for safeguarding these systems and ensuring the safety and continuity of essential operations.

Place OT Safety Under the CISO's Supervision
To enhance overall digital defence in companies, it is recommended that OT assets be placed under the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This ensures that consistent protective measures are applied uniformly. In other words, the CISO's expertise and resources enable accurate evaluation of OT safety risks and effective countermeasures against threats and vulnerabilities.

Identify and Prioritise OT Assets
Companies need to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all their OT systems, including hardware, software, and related technologies. Although some business units may manage these inventories independently, it is optimal for the team to have centralised, automated discovery and management with comprehensive insight into the OT environment and potential risks. Once assets are catalogued, prioritising them based on their operational significance ensures that incident response strategies protect the most critical systems first.

Conduct Security Awareness Training
In industrial environments, human errors are considered one of the most significant safety threats. That is why it is crucial to provide regular awareness training to all employees, including IT, OT, and non-technical personnel, to ensure they can understand the risks and their responsibilities in mitigating them. The training program should be tailored to address the unique challenges of industrial systems, and it must highlight the severe consequences of any online attacks on critical infrastructure.

Update and Patch Software Regularly
The exploitation of vulnerabilities can occur if firms use obsolete software. To prevent this, it is necessary to implement a strong software update and patch management protocol that makes sure that all industrial systems remain up-to-date. However, since OT connectivity is vital, it is essential to test updates and patches first in a controlled environment to avoid network downtime and operational disruptions resulting from ineffective or faulty patches.

Control Network Access
It is of utmost importance to regulate access to an OT network by implementing stringent safety measures that include identity and access management, as well as network access control. The principle of least privilege should be followed, which involves limiting access to only those devices and individuals who are necessary for operational tasks.


Dammam's OT security specialists are playing a critical role in safeguarding the ICS infrastructure. Their expertise in implementing advanced technologies and proactive safety standards is ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory standards and enhancing the resilience of systems against cyber-attacks. The contribution of these professionals is pivotal to the growth and stability of key industries in the region.

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