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10 Best UK Cybersecurity Companies To Hire

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
Jan 01, 2023

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10 Best Cybersecurity Companies In The UK

10 Best Cybersecurity Companies In The UK

The demand for cybersecurity and cybersecurity service providers has skyrocketed recently, especially because of the mass adaptation to remote work environments, IoT, and cloud-based applications. Companies transitioning to these remote work environments and their related tools require improved cybersecurity tactics because, for every technological advancement, there’s an equal and opposite threat actor lurking in the shadows, ready to exploit emerging vulnerabilities and wreak havoc on your entire establishment. Therefore, having the best cybersecurity companies working in your company’s interest against the fluid cyber threat landscape is the only way to keep your business afloat since the digital transformation.

The cybersecurity niche is vast, with various providers offering services that fortify all levels and entry points of a company’s network environment. These providers safeguard businesses against emerging vulnerabilities and threat actors aiming to steal sensitive data and credentials. Poor cybersecurity practices often instigate these cyber detriments.

The intricate details of cybersecurity services and solutions might fly over most people’s heads. They may be unaware of the types of threats or vulnerabilities they’re prone to and, therefore, uninformed of the service or solution they require. For this reason, and because the estimated cost of cybercrime in 2025 is to reach $10.5 trillion, we’ve curated a shortlist of the best cybersecurity companies in the United Kingdom guaranteed to prevent your company from becoming a statistic. But first, let’s highlight some pointers for choosing the best cybersecurity companies.

Tips For Choosing A Cybersecurity Company

Tips For Choosing A Cybersecurity Company

Choosing a cybersecurity vendor is a serious business. The chosen company will be in charge of securing your company’s network, endpoints, and digital assets, thus saving you millions in the long run. Whatever company you decide to go with, it has to meet certain standards, and above all, you need to make an informed decision.

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a cybersecurity vendor.

Cybersecurity Specialty

Just like one doesn’t visit a general practitioner when one needs braces, you shouldn’t indulge an all-round tech agency when you need cybersecurity services. There are many cybersecurity vendors in the United Kingdom, but only a handful specialise in cybersecurity. This means that some companies offer cybersecurity solutions as an add-on service while others offer it as their sole purpose. The latter typically have the best technologies, seasoned expertise, and solutions to fortify your digital network.

Customisable Offerings

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all armour used in every company’s defences. Each company is unique, likewise its network, vulnerabilities and risks. Hence, the best cybersecurity firms should offer customised solutions to accommodate each client’s uniqueness.

Well-Rounded Services

The cybersecurity industry is increasingly vast and constantly evolving. So you’ll need a security company that provides an array of dynamic solutions to outpace the threat actors by monitoring and securing your company. Thus, be sure to choose a cybersecurity firm that offers everything from threat intelligence and hunting to incident response, vulnerability assessments, breach and attack simulations, cyber risk quantifications, backup and disaster recovery, cloud security, MDR, UEBA and much more. With such holistic and well-rounded services, your digital ecosystem’s security is comprehensive and guaranteed.


Each cybersecurity vendor has a unique approach to securing a company’s endpoints, credentials and digital assets. While some may apply inventive approaches like machine learning, advanced artificial intelligence or big data in their solutions, others may not. So, before you sign on the dotted line, inquire about the cybersecurity vendor’s approach.

Diverse Clientele

Ready to choose the best cloud security company? This section will discuss the best cloud security providers available on the market and an analysis of their features.

A diverse client base in any company typically results in invaluable experience and extensive expertise. Thus, cybersecurity vendors with a diverse Rolodex often possess the most innovative tools and expertise. This is because they can leverage their extensive knowledge from working with diverse types of businesses to improve your company’s cyber defences.

Other pointers that should be prioritised when choosing a cybersecurity vendor include the following:

  • Technical support/customer service
  • Customer ratings
  • Cost

10 Best UK Cybersecurity Companies

Here are 10 of the UK’s best cybersecurity companies that can get the job done:

  1. Microminder Cyber Security
  2. Intercede
  3. Adarma
  4. Ernst & Young
  5. Sapphire Cybersecurity
  6. Darktrace
  7. Corax
  8. Capita
  9. Clearswift
  10. Sophos
Microminder Cyber Security

1. Microminder Cyber Security

Microminder Cyber Security is certified and accredited as one of the topmost and thorough cybersecurity companies in the UK. Microminder caters to businesses in various industries, from healthcare to fintech, manufacturing, aviation, and oil & gas. Our robust solutions are designed to secure every entry point of a company’s digital ecosystem and pre-empt and circumvent breach attacks, ensuring continuity, integrity and confidentiality. This being said, Microminder’s cybersecurity solutions are tailored to each business’s unique size, nature and requirements.

With over three decades in operation, Microminder secures the digital assets of a corporate ecosystem by offering various services to individuals, businesses and corporations in the UK. These services are grouped into four concepts:

  • Cyber Risk Management (CRM): Including everything from Penetration Testing to Cloud Security Assessment, Risk Analysis to Attack Simulation services, and much more.
  • Managed Security Services: UEBA, SOCaaS, Threat Intelligence and Hunting, Compliance, etc.
  • Cyber Tech Solutions: This includes Cloud, Data and Email Security solutions, DDoS prevention, SASE solutions and Web Application Firewall solutions.
  • Compliance and Consulting: This service offering includes CISO as a Service, Senior Management Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services (GRCS) and GDPR Consultation.

Microminder adopts a dynamic cybersecurity approach whereby constantly evolving our techniques, solutions and strategies to remain ahead of threat actors. Our cybersecurity firm designs future-proof cybersecurity blueprints for all businesses, remediating threat actions and making one’s corporate network environment inaccessible and resilient to cyber criminals.

If you want to learn more about our services and get a free cyber security posture assessment, schedule a call with our experts today!


2. Intercede

With identity and credential theft being one of the leading avenues for a security breach, here comes Intercede to save the day. Intercede is a reputable UK cybersecurity company specialising in identity security and credential management via its patented credential management system. Intercede is so authentic that it mostly caters to governmental bodies (US and UK) and large enterprises. This company aims to safeguard its clients’ most sensitive systems, credentials and data.

Intercede offers maximum data breach protection through its robust solutions, which include the following:

  • Digital Identity Management: This involves Identity Management for citizens, the workforce and supply chains.
  • Compliance: This ensures that businesses meet and adhere to compliance standards like US FIPS 201, GDPR, and HIPAA, etc.
  • Technologies: This includes FIDO, Digital ID Registration, Mobile Authentication and PKI to guarantee identity and credential management.

Intercede’s solutions checkmate security breaches from stolen credentials in an increasingly digital world.


3. Adarma

Adarma, formerly known as ECS Security, is one of the UK’s largest cybersecurity companies that delivers cybersecurity solutions to successful FTSE 350 companies. Adarma offers transparent security solutions against cyber threats as an independent cybersecurity vendor. It ensures that the identified risks or threats are mitigated as its solutions focus on threat management, data security and analytics.

Adarma offers four major cybersecurity solutions to its clients, which include the following:

  • Managed Security: This includes Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Vulnerability Scanning, Managed Cloud Security and Managed Threat Advisory.
  • Security Consulting: This involves Security Strategy and Transformation, Security Advisory & Assessments, Security Technology & Engineering and, of course, Cloud Security.
  • Incident Response: This includes Incident Response Readiness, Incident Response Simulation and Incident Response Playbook Development.
  • Threat Intelligence.

These solutions aim to enhance corporations’ total cyber resiliency while ensuring compliance with certain industry standards.

Ernst Young

4. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is a household consulting firm that also dabbles in cybersecurity. This company offers several cybersecurity services which cover the major focus areas of data protection, risk mitigation, and analysis and compliance. Ernst & Young caters to all types of organisations and businesses of all sizes. It mostly offers guidance and consulting services on data security, data access and privacy, strategy, compliance, risk management and risk mitigation.

Ernst & Young’s cybersecurity offering highlights organisations’ current cyber risk posture and capabilities. This cybersecurity firm gives such organisations insights into the effectiveness and redundancy of their resiliency and cybersecurity measures. It informs them of why, where and how they need to invest in managing their cyber risks. Thus, Ernst & Young gives its clients the gift of enlightenment as it equips them with valuable information to make informed boardroom decisions concerning their cybersecurity posture.

Sapphire Cybersecurity

5. Sapphire Cybersecurity

Sapphire Cybersecurity makes the list of the best cybersecurity companies in the UK. Founded in 1996, Sapphire Cybersecurity has consistently developed effective cybersecurity solutions for diverse businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom. This cybersecurity vendor focuses on managed security operations services. It also dabbles in cybersecurity consultancy in addition to securing physical hardware, developing customised security strategies and managing cloud risks.

Sapphire Cybersecurity allows companies to outsource their security operations by investing in its managed security solutions. This company offers the skills, infrastructure and resilience most organisations seek to enhance their cybersecurity posture. However, while Sapphire’s range of solutions may not be as intricate or as thorough as its competitors, its solutions will checkmate vulnerabilities that instigate data phishing or credential theft.


6. Darktrace

Founded in 2013 by a team of mathematics and machine learning Cambridge graduates, Darktrace is an AI-based cybersecurity company targeted to protect the digital landscape of larger businesses and government agencies. This company applies machine learning technology to monitor and protect client data and digital assets wherever they’re hosted, be it the Cloud, Apps, IoT, email, endpoints, etc.

Darktrace fortifies one’s network environment from sophisticated cyber attacks manifesting in phishing, lateral movements or data exfiltration. It also remediates the embedded vulnerabilities in various data-storage locations to prevent ransomware attacks. Darktrace does this through a four-step approach that involves SOC and incidence response. This approach includes the following:

  • Darktrace Prevent: This reduces cyber risk by prioritising the remediation of vulnerabilities and increasing cyber defences
  • Darktrace Detect: This uses AI algorithms to monitor one’s digital ecosystem for threat actors
  • Darktrace Respond: This creates a targeted and proportioned reaction to an identified threat and disarms it
  • Darktrace Heal: This restores your business’ cyber health after a cyber attack

7. Corax

While some UK cybersecurity companies like Microminder offer cyber risk quantification (CRQ) services and other solutions, Corax specialises in this single service. Founded in 2014, Corax is a cyber risk modelling and prediction company that provides predicted financial insights on the expected losses from cyber events. Anyone, including individuals, corporate organisations or government bodies, could incur these losses. Thus, Corax’s service is best suited for private and corporate institutions.

To quantify the risks of a successful cyber threat operation on an enterprise, Corax applies predictive cyber models driven by extensive research and validated by the insurance agency. This cybersecurity firm collates security intelligence to produce an accurate yet probabilistic financial quantification of cyber risks at the micro and macroeconomic levels. It analyses the company’s digital ecosystem, identifies the pressure areas, whether in endpoints, networks, IoT, Cloud, applications or portfolios, and computes the financial damages a cyber risk could create on any pressure area. With this information, businesses can prioritise investing in cybersecurity measures to manage risk exposure.


8. Capita

With an estimated 10,000 employees, Capita is one of the biggest cybersecurity companies in the United Kingdom. Capita is a consulting, transformation and digital service business that offers cybersecurity services. It caters to various businesses by providing them with robust, scalable and effective security solutions to help them win the war against cybercriminals, especially with the increased sophistication of their attacks.

Capita’s cybersecurity solutions will also ensure the compliance of your business with industry standards, and they can be grouped into four categories:

  • Assessment and Testing Services: This includes Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing and Maturity Assessment
  • Information Security (infosec) Management Services: This includes Virtual Infosec Management, Infosec Management Systems and Information Risk Management
  • Managed Security Services: This involves cybersecurity strategy design, implementation, monitoring and management. It also includes Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
  • Compliance and Accreditation: This involves Contractual Security Due Diligence and Audit & Assurance Reviews
  • Data Protection: This involves the GDPR-required Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Cybersecurity and Procurement Frameworks

9. Clearswift

While some cybersecurity companies like Microminder offer cohesive cybersecurity solutions, which include email and web app security, Clearswift specialises in these areas. Clearswift is part of Fortra's cybersecurity portfolio and operates on a global scale. This company offers small, medium and large-scale businesses preventative tools to protect their sensitive data and digital estate. Clearswift does this through the following solutions:

  • Advanced Email Security for cloud-stored emails
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that includes an innovative technology found in its Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution and its Endpoint Data Loss Prevention solution
  • Web Security

Although Clearswift specialises in creating secure email, web, exchange and ICAP gateways through its deliverables, it also offers businesses the following solutions:

  • Advanced threat protection (ATP)
  • Infosec
  • Data compliance

Clearswift protects all data and email gateways and keeps businesses compliant with industry standards on data privacy and protection.


10. Sophos

Sophos is a globally recognised cybersecurity vendor that caters to the cybersecurity needs of larger enterprises, individuals and small businesses. This vendor specialises in Managed Threat Detection and Response solutions and Endpoint Security solutions, including Cloud, firewalls, applications and devices. Sophos shields its clientele’s users, networks and endpoints from malware, ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks.

Sophos has built its cybersecurity-as-a-service reputation over three decades. It has garnered the experience and expertise that the best cybersecurity companies possess, so its services are powered by AI, threat intelligence and machine learning. These services are grouped into the following:

  • Endpoint - including EDR, workload protection, encryption and mobile protection
  • Security Operations - including MDR, XDR and Sophos Factory
  • Network - including Sophos Firewall, Wireless, Switch and Zero Trust Network
  • Email & Cloud - including Sophos Email, Phish Threat, Cloud Native Security and Cloud Workload Protection


Cybersecurity is necessary for all businesses, especially in today’s digital transformation and the evolution of the tech landscape. Hence, business owners should prioritise it across all business layers.

With many cybersecurity vendors to choose from in the UK, creating a shortlist of the best cybersecurity companies – and pointers for choosing one – will give you perspective on what to expect, especially as each company has unique offerings. Remember, you should set your sights on a specialty cybersecurity vendor.

To learn more about Microminder’s services and get a free cyber security posture assessment, schedule a call with our experts today!

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Is the UK good for cyber security?

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most proactive cyber-battling countries. From the country’s universities offering the most advanced cybersecurity courses to cybersecurity prioritisation in the corporate world, the United Kingdom is very cyber-aware.

What country is number one for cybersecurity?

The United States with a Global Cybersecurity Index of 100% as of 2020.

What are the highest-paying cybersecurity companies?

CrowdStrike, Palo Alto, Splunk and Zscaler.

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most proactive cyber-battling countries. From the country’s universities offering the most advanced cybersecurity courses to cybersecurity prioritisation in the corporate world, the United Kingdom is very cyber-aware.

The United States with a Global Cybersecurity Index of 100% as of 2020.

CrowdStrike, Palo Alto, Splunk and Zscaler.

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