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10 Leading OT Cybersecurity Firms in Ajman

Sanjiv Cherian

Sanjiv Cherian, Cyber Security Director
Jan 30, 2024

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10 Leading OT Cybersecurity Firms in Ajman

For businesses in Ajman aiming to strengthen their operational technology (OT) against cyber threats, selecting a trusted digital defence company is crucial. This blog post focuses on 10 leading companies in Ajman’s OT cybersecurity landscape, highlighting their role in protecting critical infrastructure. As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated, these firms offer essential, tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of the region's industrial sector. Join us as we explore their services.

1. Microminder

With more than 38 years of experience and having served over 2800 clients, Microminder has a proven track record of addressing complex cybersecurity challenges for companies in various industries. We leverage the latest technology – AI and ML – and employ a team of seasoned experts to deliver bespoke, effective digital defence solutions. Whether it's safeguarding against data breaches or ensuring compliance with regulations, our approach is client-centric, concentrating on comprehending and addressing the unique challenges faced by each business.

Our offerings encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions from cloud penetration testing to third-party risk assessment, managed SIEM and SOAR, and cyber tabletop exercise services. One of our key offerings is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) assessment, where we evaluate the security of systems crucial for industrial control systems (ICS). This examination is vital for identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing the safety of these critical systems.

Another significant service is our backup and disaster recovery solutions, which ensure that your businesses can quickly recover from any form of data loss or system outage, minimising operational disruptions. We also specialise in DDoS prevention simulation to test the resilience of your network infrastructure. This proactive approach helps identify potential weaknesses and fortify defences against actual DDoS attacks.

Hence, for businesses seeking premium cybersecurity services, in addition to personalised attention and dedicated analysts, Microminder is the best option. Contact our team today.

Headquarters: London, UK
Founded: 1984
Email Address:
Contact: +44 203-336-7200
Address: 8a Wadsworth Rd, Perivale, London, England UB6 7JD, GB
Specialisation: OT Cybersecurity, Red Teaming, Vulnerability Assessment 


Founded in 2014, ValueMentor is a full-service provider of digital security, offering technology-driven solutions to optimise online defence for organisations globally. It focuses on helping firms to manage digital risks, meet compliance requirements, and respond to incidents effectively.

More specifically, ValueMentor's range of services includes SCADA security, IoT penetration testing, and cyber risk management created to protect ICS in sectors like manufacturing, energy, and utilities. The company also provides safety governance and maturity assessment, following CREST methodology and NIST guidelines.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Ajman)
Founded: N/A
Email Address:
Contact: +971 050-738-7600
Address: A208, Al Shoala Building, Port Saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Specialisation: Penetration Testing, PCI Certification

3. Invictux

Invictux is another OT/ICS-focused agency with extensive experience in control systems like SCADA, DCS, and PLC. The team holds prestigious certifications such as CSSA, GICSP and more, showcasing their proficiency in predictive and preventive maintenance and process failure analysis.

More specifically, Invictux provides OT safety advisory services, including architecture assessment and asset inventory. These are essential for protecting critical ICS systems from attacks, improving visibility into risks, and increasing confidence in cybersecurity posture. Additionally, the company offers OT training and awareness aimed at increasing employee awareness and skills in online safety.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Alman)
Founded: 2023
Email Address:
Contact: N/A
Address: Gate Village Building 08. Dubai International Financial Center., Unit 27. Level 3, Dubai, AE
Specialisation: Advisory, Managed Services, Training

4. Green Method

Green Method partners with world-leading vendors, ensuring comprehensive digital protection for over 750 businesses globally. Its expertise extends across multiple sectors, including banking, insurance, government, and corporate industries, emphasising the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape.

The team helps conduct manual and automated vulnerability checks and penetration testing on IT applications, assessing the impact on processes, technology, and people. Aside from that, Green Method’s offerings include application and API security, cyber risk management, threat detection, OT protection, and more.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Alman)
Founded: 2008
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +971 4329-0898
Address: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Office No. 2002, Dubai, Dubai 4531, AE
Specialisation: OT Defence, Data Recovery

5. Clouds Dubai

Clouds Dubai’s VAPT services help identify security gaps in networks, web and mobile applications, and cloud infrastructure. Notably, it offers OT and IoT penetration testing, which involve evaluating SCADA systems and networking equipment against standards like ISO 27001/22 and IEC 62443.

Moreover, Clouds Dubai's team consists of seasoned researchers, each with extensive experience and a deep understanding of security controls and procedures. In addition to its core services, the company offers comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales assistance to its channel partners. This includes product training and marketing support, ensuring its partners are well-equipped to meet their clients' needs effectively.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Alman)
Founded: 2016
Email Address: N/A
Contact: +971 4282-4468
Address: Techno Hub 2, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
Specialisation: OT and IoT Penetration Testing

6. CyberKnight Technologies

With its Zero Trust Security (ZTX) framework, CyberKnight Technologies incorporates AI-driven online defence solutions to safeguard the entire attack surface and aid in breach detection, incident response, and regulatory compliance. This Value-Added-Distributor (VAD) has a presence in Dubai, Ajman, Saudi Arabia and key regional markets.

CyberKnight Technologies offers a range of services, including advisory, consultancy, and customer success. Aside from that, it provides device security, evaluating and securing every device in an environment. This comprehensive approach ensures the trustworthiness and safety of all devices, whether managed or unmanaged, across networks and cloud environments.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Alman)
Founded: 2020
Email Address:
Contact: +971 045-689-551
Address: Cyber Knight Technologies FZ-LLC, Office 54, Ground floor, Building 17, Dubai, UAE
Specialisation: Network, Cloud, Device, Zero Trust Security

7. Syscom

Syscom plays a pivotal role in the oil and gas industry, supporting this sector with innovative IT solutions to address the high demand, which are crucial for maintaining industrial civilisation. Its services also include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and network detection and response.

Additionally, Syscom provides vulnerability assessment solutions and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to identify and mitigate potential threats. Its Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection (NBAD) further strengthens cyber resilience by monitoring unusual activities. This comprehensive approach ensures robust protection against online threats.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Alman)
Founded: 2013
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4352-2433
Address: 1st Floor, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Dubai, UAE
Specialisation: SEIM, Intrusion Detection Systems

8. Help AG

As part of its initiative to keep industries in Ajman safe, Help AG delivers end-to-end zero-trust solutions to safeguard devices, applications, networks, and processes without compromising accessibility, user experience, or business operations. A key aspect of its service is focused on OT, where the team delivers risk assessments, strategic consulting, and managed security.

Furthermore, Help AG operates multiple Security Operation Centres (SOCs) across the region, which allows for flexible deployment of digital defence services. The company also provides expertly managed, multi-layered protection against DDoS attacks, along with tailored information safety solutions for leading enterprises across the region.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE
Founded: 2004
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4440-5666
Address: Galleries Building 3, Jebel Ali Downtown, Jebel Ali Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 500741, AE
Specialisation: SOC, DDoS Prevention 

9. Intertec Systems

With a strong presence in industries such as healthcare, retail, and financial services, Intertec Systems boasts a remarkable 90% client satisfaction rate. This success stems from its commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions customised to each sector's unique needs.

The team also stands out because of its comprehensive suite of services that include a 24/7 SOC and advanced data and endpoint protection. For the utility sector, Intertec Systems brings a unique blend of sustainability and technology. The company's offerings in this area focus on helping companies enhance their operational efficiency and meet the growing request for energy and water.

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE (Serving Abu Dhabi)
Founded: 1991
Email Address:
Contact: +971 4447-9444
Address: Level 2, Sobha Sapphire, Business Bay, Dubai, Dubai 27130, AE
Specialisation: Network Segmentation, Endpoint Security

10. Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS)

Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS) has been a trailblazer in providing technological and defence solutions for over 20 years. It has earned recognition, such as Cisco's IoT Advantage Specialization Partner certification in 2020. Specialising in ICS/OT cybersecurity, it provides extensive cyber solutions that ensure secure infrastructures.

More specifically, ATS's portfolio includes ICS system hardening and remote access fortification against cyber threats. The company also implements effective ICS firewalls and manages SEIM for vigilant monitoring. Additionally, it improves system resilience through patch management and backup, maintaining operational continuity and data integrity in the face of digital challenges.

Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Serving Abu Dhabi)
Founded: 2004
Email Address:
Contact: +971 2639-2440
Address: Abu Dhabi, Zayed The 1st st, C-88 Block A, 15th Floor
Specialisation: Energy Service, OT, Data Networks

What Are the Roles of an OT Cybersecurity Provider?

Choosing an OT security provider comes with lots of due diligence. That said, you must understand some of their responsibilities to help you make the right decision.

Responsibilities and Functions
Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Management
- Conduct comprehensive risk assessments
- Identify security gaps and potential threats
- Perform regular vulnerability scans
- Develop strategies for risk mitigation
- Ensure resilience and integrity of OT and ICS systems
Security Architecture Design
- Design and implement secure industrial system architectures
- Ensure network segmentation and robust access controls
- Develop advanced intrusion detection/prevention systems
- Tailor defence frameworks to operational needs
- Protect against current and future threats
Security Policy Development
- Establish and implement safety policies and procedures
- Define and enforce safety standards and access controls
- Conduct incident response protocols
- Provide regular safety awareness training
- Update defence measures to counter emerging threats
Threat Monitoring and Incident Response
- Continuously monitor systems for threats
- Rapidly respond to and contain incidents
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams for timely remediation
- Proactively address susceptibilities to prevent future breaches
- Maintain integrity and resilience of infrastructure
Security Testing and Assessment
- Conduct regular testing and checks on OT systems
- Carry out detailed safety audits
- Provide insights for understanding defence posture
- Guide effective remediation measures


Companies in Ajman's OT cybersecurity landscape are robust, marked by the presence of leading firms that specialise in protecting OT infrastructure and processes. Their expertise in mitigating risks and responding to threats is vital for safeguarding critical infrastructure. Hence, as cyber threats evolve, these firms remain at the forefront, continuously innovating and adapting to provide the best defence against potential online attacks.

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