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An insider threat is a risk posed by an individual within your organisation who may have access to networks, assets, data and sensitive information. These individuals may be:

  • MCSL

    Former employees

  • MCSL

    Current employees

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    Business partners

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    Malicious insider - Turncloak: This type of insider intentionally uses their credentials and access to launch a malicious insider attack. These could range from stealing sensitive information or data to extorting the company for financial gain. Also known as a Turncloak, they are especially dangerous as they have prior experience with your organisation’s security infrastructure and can target specific loopholes and vulnerabilities.

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Excessive downloading of data that is divergent from your usual patterns should be a warning sign. We keep an eye out for data downloaded remotely or at odd times of the day.

Microminder is always on the lookout for unusual logins that happen at odd hours from unknown locations. We also check for username attempts that may warrant further investigation.

The more privileges a user has, the higher the risk they pose to your organisation. Our security team looks for a rise in users with enhanced privileges or attempts to acquire unauthorised privileges.

We monitor access to your critical applications, such as ERPs and CRMs, to ensure no unauthorised users gain access. Numerous attempts to access these systems are reasons to issue an alert and analyse these activities.

You should keep an eye out for employees whose behaviour changes from being a high performer to violating company policies. Also, watch out for comments about financial distress or a sudden rise in their financial status.


This method of insider threat detection looks for unusual or suspicious behaviour of users within your organisation. Microminder can provide cybersecurity solutions for behavioural monitoring in various ways, namely:

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Activity monitoring is one of the most common ways of identifying insider threats. Through user activity monitoring (UAM), our security experts can continuously monitor user activity within your organisation’s network. With automated UAM tools, the system sends real-time threat alerts to security officers as soon as a user violates a rule.


Using this proactive approach to insider threat mitigation, we actively look for indicators of compromise. This activity has a broader scope than cybersecurity assessment. It requires security teams to gather and analyse data such as results of risk assessments, logs of suspicious user activity, threat reports etc. Microminder utilises various AI-based cybersecurity technologies to perform threat-hunting activities. This ensures no opportunistic cyber attackers are lurking around your networks.


Your employees are one of the best resources for insider threat detection and identification. They can offer insight into changes in a fellow employee's behaviour, which may serve as warning signs. It would be best if you looked out for warning signs.

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How to Defend Against Insider Threats - Best Practices

When defending against insider threats, Microminder can perform the following activities to ensure you are not at risk of insider threats.

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    Conduct regular risk assessments to help your security teams fully understand the possibility of a cybersecurity insider threat.

  • 2

    Provide security awareness training — including insider threat awareness training — for all employees to create insider threat awareness.

  • 3

    Perform insider threat management activities by monitoring accounts of employees and stakeholders with network access.

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    Perform regular penetration tests — including threat awareness tests — to identify required security improvements to detect insider threat vulnerabilities.

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    Monitor our network and endpoints 24/7 to detect indicators of insider attacks.

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