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The vulnerability of the cloud is detrimental to the productivity, integrity and continuity of one’s business. While it might be easier for some corporations to ditch the cloud altogether, users cannot find the scalability and flexibility accompanying cloud computing elsewhere. To secure the benefits your company reaps from integrating into the cloud, you must prioritise cloud security and manage the security issues with cloud computing.

Here are some more reasons you need cloud security:

The cloud is already susceptible to security breaches. Protection from this security breach is the primary function of cloud security software. One needs this protection as the consequences of a security breach, like sensitive data leaks, mass employee turnover, lawsuits, fines, etc., are too dire to be dealt with. The legacy of your business is dependent on its cloud security.

Cloud storage is instrumental to remote work as it helps employees access data from any region. This data should be protected and managed according to your company’s standards. Cloud security helps you establish extensive visibility and control over your data and network environment. Thus, helping you manage the activities of your remote staff more efficiently.

Companies need to comply with specific data protection standards like HIPAA. Else, they risk legal ramifications. Cloud network security solutions like that which Microminder offers, help these companies maintain compliance with security regulations that guarantee the integrity of your data.

Digital disasters, as unpredictable as they can be, have the power to clean out your company’s sensitive data and intellectual properties. An established cloud cybersecurity solution or a cloud security manager can help your organisation preempt and circumvent the impact of digital disasters. This way, even if the storm hits, all your valuable digital assets are insured and can be recovered.


Microminder’s data security solutions

There are multiple solutions to one’s cloud security woes, and Microminder offers all of them. They include:

Microminder’s cloud access security brokers (CASB) solutions can be digital software or physical tools that act as intermediaries between cloud service users and the cloud applications. Microminder’s CASB solution extends to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It monitors all user activity in a cloud network, alerts administrators of abnormal behaviours and hazardous actions, and enforces security policy compliance like authentication, encryption, tokenisation, credential mapping, etc. Microminder automates this solution to secure data and prevent malware.


Microminder’s cloud security posture management solution (CSPM) helps companies to identify compliance risks and misconfiguration issues in the cloud by continuously monitoring cloud infrastructure, IaaS and PaaS for security policy enforcement gaps. It also controls access to a company’s cloud infrastructure while automating security and providing compliance assurance. Microminder’s CSPM solutions will not only alert your employees of impending security risks that need remediation, but our robotic process automation (RPA) will also fix them automatically.


Microminder’s infrastructure-as-a-service security solution helps secure your organisation’s cloud infrastructure. With advanced tools, our IaaS security solution protects your servers and infrastructure from data leaks, data loss, authentication issues and cyber attacks.


Containerization is very popular with cloud infrastructure. Your cloud container is liable to threat penetration as a packaged, portable, yet isolated computing environment. To prevent this problem, it needs to be secured. Microminder’s cloud container security solution is part of its comprehensive cloud security measures. Microminder will protect your containerised applications, data and environment from potential risks with container-specific operating systems and cloud security tools.


As one of the best cloud security platforms, Microminder’s cloud security solutions offer features like:

  • AccessControl

    Access control

  • Visibility


  • Monitoring

    24/7 monitoring and live tracking of cloud networks.

  • ComplianceMonitoring

    Compliance monitoring

  • DataSecurity

    Data security

  • Auditing


  • UserAnalytics

    User analytics

  • ThreatDetection

    Threat detection

  • ThreatProtection

    Threat protection

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