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Certifications & Accreditations

What is SOC2 Type II

With ever-changing cyber threats, it’s important to stay SOC2 Type II compliant to ensure you:

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Maintain security controls over the long run.

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Constantly train employees on data control systems

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Identify new cybersecurity challenges

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Maintain robust IT security features

Benefits of Being SOC 2 Compliant

SOC2 Type I vs SOC2 Type II

You might be curious about the difference and similarities between SOC2 Type I vs SOC2 Type II.

Similarities Difference
Both these reports focus on an organisation’s non-financial controls in relation to Trust Services Criteria. Type 1 focuses on security controls at a specific point in time. SOC2 Type II, on the other hand, reports on the company’s controls usually over a specified period of time - usually three to twelve months.
SOC2 Type I & II both report on the effectiveness of internal controls based on your organisation’s objectives. They also provide proof that the controls are designed and implemented appropriately. In addition to attesting to the proper design and implementation of controls, SOC2 Type II also verifies the effectiveness of your controls.
Both SOC2 reports are based on the five trust criteria regarding customer data. Unlike SOC2 Type I, SOC2 Type II provides the results of each test as Type I does not involve any testing.

Many organisations are required to provide SOC2 Type II certification to their stakeholders. However, it’s not a compulsory requirement like other standards, such as HIPAA for health care services or PCI DSS for financial services.

For organisations without any previous SOC2 compliance requirements, it is advisable first to attain a SOC2 Type I certification. They can then have enough time to prepare sufficient documentation for system description for SOC2 Type II audits & reports. It will also allow their environment to mature over time.

Help your organisation create an appropriate audit scope and determine objectives to define:

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Who will be audited?

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    When will the audit begin and end?

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Where will the audits take place?

Help your organisation create an appropriate audit scope

Assist you in collecting the necessary information to describe the most important part of your systems or services.


Support your security teams to determine the most salient TSCs for your specific organisation. Because security is the only mandatory TSC that must be adhered to, we engage with your teams to determine which of the other criteria is suitable.

Security Team

Conduct the actual assessment based on the established scope, objectives and previously agreed upon trust service principles.

The assessment process involves a security analyst examining your organisation’s:

  • Microminder Cybersecurity


  • Microminder Cybersecurity


  • Microminder Cybersecurity


During this analysis process, we collect and record important business procedures typically included in a SOC2 Type II audit.

Actual Assessment

After a comprehensive readiness assessment, our team of security experts will help you address any shortcomings you may have identified. We perform a gap analysis and evaluate your revised position in comparison to the initial assessment.

Some of the common activities we conduct include:

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Recommending and selecting appropriate controls after a comprehensive risk analysis.

  • Microminder Cybersecurity

    Developing appropriate policies and procedures and updating existing ones.

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Gap Analysis

Perform a final SOC2 Type II readiness assessment to confirm the proper implementation and functioning of new security controls. We refer to the previous SOC2 assessment and remediation activities to identify any additional areas of remediation. Ideally, fixes should be minimal and quick to remediate.

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