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DevSecOps as a Service

Protecting user data is one of your most important jobs as a technology builder. The software you develop and maintain improves and simplifies the lives of those who use it. Because they rely on your software for day-to-day tasks, consumers tend to blindly trust it with their time and data. As a result, you must take the necessary safeguards to protect their data when they are online.

Here are some of the reasons why your company needs a secure and compliant DevSecOps solution:


Security automation

The DevSecOps approach is beneficial because it automates the testing process, reducing the potential for security risks. Thus ensuring consistency and predictability across multiple systems.


Confined environment

Teams can create closed circuit automation (CCA) processes for testing and reporting.CCA enables teams to test their software and systems with little or no human intervention. As a result, security issues can be tackled quickly without any external reflection.

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We help you transition from DevOps to DevSecOps in three simple steps:

We will carry out an in-depth examination of the sensitive levels of your organisation's overall security posture as well as assets. This involves threat modelling, monitoring, and risk assessments.

Microminder believes that ensuring the safety of your software development process is one of the most important aspects of our job. That's why we offer cutting-edge security testing tools and solutions to protect your code from cyber threats. We strive for minimal downtime and constant delivery so you can focus on what matters most: developing great software!

This final stage includes synchronising security operations across DevOps and development teams. This ensures that both sides work together to protect your organisation from cybersecurity threats. Continuous monitoring of security concerns during different stages of development will help you respond quickly and comply with regulatory requirements.

To learn more about our unique approach or how we can help you achieve success in today's competitive market, please Contact us today!


DevSecOps is a complex process that requires both planning and execution. And to reap actual benefits from DevSecOps initiatives, rules that specify when and how specific actions should be performed must be established ahead of time. A DevSecOps Maturity Action Plan (MAP) is a standardised approach to automating your team's security testing and remediation activities. It outlines each stage of development or deployment, defines which tests must be run at each stage, specifies who will perform those tests, details which files should be analysed for potential vulnerabilities, and establishes timelines for completing each step.


Application security testing should not be an afterthought; it should be incorporated into your continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines from the initial stage. This, however, has the potential to quickly jam pipelines and overwhelm developers with findings. With Microminder's intelligent orchestration solution, this issue no longer exists. Our solution ensures that just the necessary tests are run at the right point. This makes it simple to identify potential vulnerabilities early and take appropriate action before they escalate into bigger problems.


Security incidents typically occur when key vulnerabilities are not recognised and handled promptly. Microminder's DecSecOps solution provides measurable and actionable information, allowing you to reduce security incidents and remediate critical vulnerabilities in record time.

The benefits of using a policy-driven DevSecOps solution include improved quality assurance, faster response times to security issues, reduced risk of data breaches, and increased confidence in your software products. Contact Microminder today to learn more about our policy-based DevSecOps solution!


We bring intelligence and mindset together.

Transform your cyber security strategy and make it your competitive advantage. Drive cost efficiency and seamlessly build a roadmap. Let’s do it right the first time!

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