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With more enterprises adopting digital approaches to conduct their businesses, the need for application security has increased. Previously, companies neglected security in software design, but with the wave of cyber attacks, it’s a non-negotiable at every app development stage.

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Commonly referred to as App Sec, application security in its entirety is security measures involving software, hardware, best practices, and techniques to detect, remediate, and prevent the emergence of flaws, threats and vulnerabilities.

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Microminder’s application security controls can be categorised by function, and they include:


Application security testing controls

Keeps vulnerabilities at bay while the application is being developed.


Access control safeguards, including authentication and authorisation

Prevents unauthorised and unauthenticated access to application resources.

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These tools include:

  • MCSL

    Web application firewall (WAF)

  • MCSL

    Static application security testing (SAST)

  • MCSL

    Dynamic application security testing (DAST)

  • MCSL

    Interactive application security testing (IAST)

  • MCSL

    Pen testing

  • MCSL

    Software composition analysis (SCA)

  • MCSL

    Mobile application security testing (MAST)

  • MCSL


  • MCSL

    Run-time application security protection (RASP).

In addition to these tools, Microminder also offers API security, advanced bot protection, DDoS protection, and attack analysis and reporting.

Cyber threats and vulnerabilities pose severe risks to one’s business. If such a threat gains access to critical data in the organisation’s application, the repercussions could be so damaging that the business might not recover. Hence, your organisation needs Microminder’s robust app sec to minimise business risks.


Microminder’s application security guarantees the application’s security at every SDLC stage. Therefore, with AppSec, coding errors which could allow unverified inputs, data exfiltration or SQL injections are checkmated at various stages of the application’s life cycle, even after the application is deployed.


By identifying and remediating application-level security threats and vulnerabilities through rigorous testing and security controls, you effectively enhance the security posture of your business. Therefore, by transforming your security approach from reactive to proactive with Microminder’s AppSec, you make your organisation resilient to attacks by threat actors.


Application threats and vulnerabilities can truncate the legacy and continuity of your modern business. These malicious actors can access your application and retrieve, corrupt or delete confidential data from it. Thus, costing you a fortune in legal fees, remediation fees, mass employee turnover, bankruptcy and worse, a tainted business reputation. Microminder’s AppSec guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and continuity of your business.


Application security is a non-negotiable part of web or application development. Because of this, several regulatory and auditing bodies are deployed to guarantee compliance of your company’s security standards with the required industry standards. Microminder’s application security tools and solutions adhere to these industry standards and compliance metrics. Thus, its presence protects your application level and prevents you from getting fined by these regulatory bodies.


Application security is a vital part of application development that identifies and mitigates flaws, vulnerabilities and threat actions at the application level of the software development life cycle. These flaws could stem from the developer’s errors, and AppSec helps organisations find them at each SDLC stage before threat actors exploit them after the software’s deployment.

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